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RE:Put her in jail

What are four words Donald Trump will NEVER repeat?

Even when attending a rally against Hillary.

Ivanka is forever linked to Hillary?

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And actually the four words he used

right to her face during a debate were "You'd be in jail"...…….

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RE:And actually the four words he used "You'd be in jail"

"You'd be in jail"?

"You Would be in jail" IF?..............IF Trump was POTUS?

"You Could be in jail" IF?..................IF Trump was POTUS?

To which the Trumpettes and Trumpers responded...


"You'd be in jail"

HE could say that TO Ivanka....but no point, since SHE apparently doesn't listen to HIM.

Any turkey served in the WH will be served cold for the next few days.

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Sorry for my wrong choice of words.
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Yep....we Trumpers believe she SHOULD be

Especially if the judicial system REALLY works at justice for all.

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Since this is actually a 14 months old story already

you can tell that the Dems are already lining up for their 'investigate rather than legislate' agenda....

The Dems haven't yet figured out that when you're already in a scandalous hole, stop digging....but divert and deflect is all they have left so they feel forced to go back to the 'RUSSIA, RUSSIA' crap and start all over again and go back even further than July, 2015 when Trump announced now that Mueller is nearly finished and so little has come out of the 'Trump' investigation EXCEPT the fingers pointed at DEMS instead.

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RE:Since this is actually a 14 months old story already

14 months old story already?

Then why did you provide a link to a story that was

Published 19 Hours Ago Updated 4 Hours Ago

It happened 14 months ago and everyone knew about it 14 months ago?

Got a link from 14 months ago?

"Like most people, before entering into government service, Ms. Trump used a private email. When she entered the government, she was given a government email account for official use. While transitioning into government, until the White House provided her the same guidance they had to others who started before she did, Ms. Trump sometimes used her private account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family.

She needed guidance after listening to the old man rant and rave? HE raved and she didn't listen?

Clinton "didn't remember if she was instructed on how to use email" is another claim made by TheRUMP.

Will Ivanka use the Hilllary defense?

Almost always?,,,,,,What's up with that? sometimes she used it for classified info?

Crooked Ivanka?

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Evidently, as usual,

you either didn't bother to read the WHOLE article or you decided to pick and choose only what you wanted to say so you could get your 'licks' in....

"When concerns were raised in the press 14 months ago, Ms. Trump reviewed and verified her email use with White House Counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders."

From my're welcome.

This is OLD news that liberals have decided to rehash because now they have power to 'investigate rather than legislate' and this is an opening salvo.....another big nothing burger but it's a way to waste the taxpayer's money again.

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RE:"When concerns were raised in the press 14 months ago,
"When concerns were raised in the press 14 months ago, Ms. Trump reviewed and verified her email use with White House Counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders."

SHE investigated herself?

AND 14 months ago there weren't as many Democrats that were congressional leaders, and now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Concerns were raised and NOW they will be addressed?

New management?
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READ the sentence....

She "reviewed and verified her email use with WH Counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders."

So attorneys AND leaders of Congress that INCLUDE Dems in leadership positions 14 months ago had NO problem with this...concerns were raised and DEALT with at that time.  It's only NOW that SCHIFF is in a leadership position that 'investigations' will begin, which is what their agenda has been all along.  Shift the scandals away from liberals in charge that have come to light and shut down all of THOSE investigations to concentrate on Trump, his administration, and his family....along with his business dealings as a CIVILIAN that nobody gave a rat's about BEFORE he was President.

The witch hunt(s) begin again...…...

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RE:She "reviewed and verified her email use
She "reviewed and verified her email use with WH Counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders."

She reviewed? The fox guarding the hen house?

AND what "issue" did she "explain" to congressional leaders? (Forgive me, I know not what i've done?)

This person that knows nothing about government business on private email EXPLAINS how the system works?

The entire sentence from your link was

"When concerns were raised in the press 14 months ago, Ms. Trump reviewed and verified her email use with White House Counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders."

The "press" had to build a fire under TheRUMP and his young 'uns in order for them to toe the line?

Thank you Jim Acosta?
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You still don't get it.....

The press had already TRIED to build that fire 14 MONTHS ago....and it didn't hold water then and it doesn't now either. You are assuming, as usual, that SHE was the one who made decisions about her emails during the REVIEW WITH WH COUNSEL.....THEY did the review. Unlike the LIAR who actually DID make decisions about what to delete, even under a subpoena NOT to, Ivanka left her entire email files intact for the review that was done. SHE did everything the LEGAL way....the LIAR did NOT.

The LIAR was the PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED politician who was TOLD by her superior, BO, to NOT use personal emails and she did it all anyhow, even to the point of deliberately setting up that server BEFORE she was actually sworn in so she KNEW she was going to IGNORE the President's ORDERS.

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like I said and quoted from YOUR link
"When concerns were raised in the press 14 months ago,

She and they did everything they should have done before....only after they were the focus of attention did they do it.

concerns raised in the press....WH springs into action and starts cleaning up the email situation.

Thank you Jim Acosta....
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I just saw an old Death Valley Days.

Hosted by Ronald Reagan!
You're doomed! I mentioned him here, so that brings him into the debate or pie fight or whatever, by the rules. [Mention a pol and we own him. I think.]

But, if you try to bash _his_ record it won't stick ... to the Teflon© President!

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the Teflon© President

You DO know that that was the nickname given to Bill C, don't you?

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No, he was the one who couldn't

keep it in his pants.

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Other things being equal - and I have no idea if they are

- I would be more worried about a civilian rookie mishandling emails than a veteran pol.

Why lock up either one?
'Because the chant sells papers and attracts cameras, dummy!'
Gosh, you're right. I'm so naïve!

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the civilian rookie you WORRY about didn't delete any of her emails, she didn't wipe her harddrive with Bleach Bit software, she didn't ignore a Congressional subpoena, she didn't have a private server in her house, she didn't have classified information in any emails and share it with a convicted pedophile, etc. but the 'veteran pol' DID and got away (so far) with breaking all those laws...…..

You are are so naïve!!!!!!!!!

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RE:didn't delete any of her emails,

That's quite a claim.

not one?...Not one single email? Not ever?

I'm sorry, but I find that very difficult to believe.

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Too bad......

Oh, just said "I'm sorry" and followed it with a "BUT"......were you REALLY apologizing to me or were you being sarcastic?

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RE: the civilian rookie

"the civilian rookie" also listened to the old man rant and rave about someone else using a personal email account to do government business.

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I don't worry about anyone in government.

That's your worry. Happy

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Since timing seems so important,

how many months since Obama was President or Hillary was a candidate?
Just askin'.

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