Yes, I highly recommend the Toshiba M35 series if you want a Pentium M (Centrino Laptop). I have a Compaq X1000 series but nearly bought the M35 myself but it did not have the outstanding Trubrite screen at the time that this now has.

A Centrino branded system has the Intel Pentium M cpu, an intel chipset to optimize wireless and battery life, and an Intel 2200 b/g wireless wi-fi built in.

The numbers now were created by Intel to move away from just stressing the mhz as Pentium M's perform about 1.5 times their mhz when compared to a Pentium 4.

Just don't buy the Intel 705 Pentium M as that is the old Banias line with 1mb L2 system cache.

Anything 715 or higher is fine and you have the 725 Pentium M.

You should be very happy with this machine as it weighs only 6.2 pounds despite having a 15.4" widescreen (getting a Centrino with a 14.1" can take you down to about 5 pounds) and it will get 3.5 to 4 hours battery life using wi-fi or better battery life if doing other activities (and you can decrease the monitor brightness to get even more battery life).