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Pentium 4 or Pentium D

The computer I want comes standard with a Pentium 4 processor 3.0 GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology (533MHz Front side bus, 1MB L2 Cache). HP is offering a FREE UPGRADE to a Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz featuring two processing cores (2 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB)

Which would be best? The P4 has higher clock speed, but the Pentium D has faster FSB and bigger L2 cache and is supposedly a dual core?

Is it really an upgrade?!?

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Reporting: Pentium 4 or Pentium D
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Dual Core is amazing. Do it.


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FSB is worth it

You well notice the bigger FSB then you well the different between 3.0 and 2.8. In the long run it won't matter how many cores you have if you have the slower of Front side bus. I would go with the 800 Front Side bus, better in the longer run (and the dual core doesn't hurt).

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Remnants of old marketing nonsense

"The P4 has higher clock speed, but the Pentium D has....."

What amazes me, is now that Intel has to admit that there is more to a processor ablity than what can be advertised in MHz or GHz (clock speed,) how engrained the clock speed syndrome has become in the human psyche.

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P4 or Pentium D

Go with the D. There is really no comparison. also when you want to and can afford it most of your parts will be Core DUO ready.

I have found that My 905-D @ 2.66 ghz smokes my P-4 3.2 EE @ 3.2 ghz. And it NEVER crashes

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higher L2 cache shoudl speed things up overall, higher FSB definately has noticeably better performanc during video editting/playback and getting the most out of faster system memory. I beleive those are worth taking the 200MHz less in clockspeed for free. Any apps that support dual core will receive a nice perofmance boost.

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Pentium D

I have the equivqlent Dell and I would update in a heart beat. FSB(Memory needs to match) L2 Cache!

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P4 & PD?

My 2.8 P4 does ok on video editing, it gets the job done, however it does get bogged down, and has crashed on a very few occassions. My friend on the other hand just got a 2.6 PD, and I am telling you it does at least 300% better in video editing, Amazing. Once I can afford it, I deff. will be upgrading to a PD.

All to say go wiht duo core.

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D is much faster than P4

I have several computers that I maintain. My main computer is still powered by a P4 at 3.2 But I am in the process of upgrading to Core Duo 2.66. I also have a couple of Pentium D. Simply put the Pentium D gives you the most computing power for the buck. The Core Duo is faster but will cost more. Here are some raw numbers. You be the judge.
Definitions: FP= Floating point operations performed by the CPU per second. Mops = Million operation per second.

Core Duo at 2.66 FP = 2,497 Mops
Core Duo at 2.13 FP = 1,955 Mops
Pentium D at 2.8 FP = 1,397 Mops
Pentium 4 at 3.2 FP = 1,373 Mops

The floating point speed is the actual number to calculations that the process is performing per second. But remember that a computer is like a chain. It is only as fast as it's weakest link. You might have fast processor but other componet can slow the computer down. However, if you are talking only about which processor is fastes, look at the mops.

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Fast Pentium D

With my 905 I have bumped 4 ghz, but not stable. But at 3.7 on air it runs like a charm. I've been told that the 905 will break 4ghz with water cooling.

that's a $100 processor running right along with the better Core Duos. If you use good memory you can push the FSB past 800mhz no problemo. The cores themselves are locked, but at 20. At that step it don't take a lot of speedup on the FSB to turn in some impressive and reliable increases in speed even on moderately priced motherboards.

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thanks for everybody's help!

I actually went with the P4 simply because I don't really do a lot of multitasking. I don't see myself doing lots of video editing or playing Half-Life 2 while buring a CD and printing a photo. Plus I heard the dual-core's have a tendency to over heat. The actual difference in speed between the two looks marginal to me. My PC should be here in a couple weeks.

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(NT) thanks for letting us know
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can the pentium D(which tobe honest I never new they did as a Dual Core...But hey) go on a PCI motherboard that originally had a pentium4(4socket LGA775 CPU)3.06ghz???

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The p4 3.06 has a 533MHz FSB, but comes in to types of socket. Pentium D has a 775 socket. If it is a socket 478 (512kb cache) then no. If it is a socket 775 (1 MB cache) then mabye. Your motherboard must be compatable and have a 800MHz front side bus. Best is to find out what motherboard you have and then check the manufacturers web page for info.

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to everybody here(Reply to 3.06ghz)and many thanks

yep def 775 with a 1gig cashe, ill try and find out what motherboard i Have as all software help on this issue just ives me numbers with the bios software being 'Award',also im running a ITA pci x1300 super pro graphic card with 512 on board and i have 3 of my 4 memory slots full with half gig ddr2 memory cards as my sysytem is ddr2 compliant

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ammend to me blog telling my system

ATI graphic card not a bloody ITA----just read what i said-what a plonker, thinkin faster than im typin!!!

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Depends on the MB....looki it up in your MB manual

or MB mfgs website.


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Depends on the MB....looki it up in your MB manual(returning

i have very little info from my manual, as my system was a bundled package made for me

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Tell us the system MFG/Seires and model number or the

MB mfg and revision.

Look in your system manual or your MB manual, might find the info on the WEB, look at the MB or download and run manual CPUZ . . . report info found under 'Mainboard' tab. Even iof its a'll tell you what MBs in the system.

Without the specific info ... you're just getting logical guesses and those don't always work. Don't know about you but I don't want to go thru the hassle of buying something that may not work and I'll have to return and pay restocking. Your call.


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Your P-IV processor has a bus speed of 800MHz too!

Your description suggests an Intel Pentium IV (Grandsdale) processor that has a Clocking Speed of 3.01GHz, L2Cache of 1MB and a system bus speed of 800MHz which when supported by 800MHz DDR memory modules and Intel mainboards rating 800MHz bus, can give your described Intel Dual Core processor's system bus of 800MHz a better speed. Your P-IV processor with HT enabling power is also a dual core processor which Intel did not tell you of. The HP option to you can be bettered if you ask them to provide you with 800MHz DDR instead of 533MHz. The Intel D 2.8GHz processor's system speed is 800MHz.

The only improvement lies in the Level 2 CacheRAM being doubled from 1MB to 2MB in new Intel D. In terms of cache memory design and development this is a milestone. The Intel D is HT enabled too. But then Intel did make and market P-IV grandsdales with L2 Cache of 2MB also before coming out with the new P-D brand.

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Not correct-Your P-IV processor has a bus speed of 800MHz

Yes, I should have read the post properly. The board is a socket 775, however the 3.06 GHz processor has a 533 MHz FSB(Check ).

Yes, your processor does have HT technology, but you need to make sure that it is enabled in the BIOS, your chipset is HT enabled and that you run a up to date version of Windows XP (or Linux) as this will benefit you the most. Ht is not Dual core, but a processor that allows 2 threads to pass through a single core, sharing its internal structure. Therefore will you not get the same performance as a Dual core Pentium D or even better the Core 2 Duo.

The Pentium D805 is the only one to have a 533 Mhz FSB, but even so you must check that the motherboard (Chipset) is compatable. All other Pentium D has a FSB of 800 MHz exept 1066 MHz for the extreme edition D955 and D965.

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to all out there

Thankyou very much for your returns, and I shall look into my bios settings now...Thanks again

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pentium4 and funny fan!!!

ok my pentium4 of 3.06G with 1G cashe,,,it is only 533mhz, and goin off the intel site no other pentium 4 is higher than 533mhz, Its a ddr2 system with PCI graphics-this being an ATI radeon x1300 PRO super(super being because procards came standard with 256 on board memory,super was the boosted 512mb memory/again ddr2 and crossfire ready/I have 200gig sata hd and an external 100gig(sony).System memory is 1.5 gigs(3 half gig cards in 3 of the four memory exp ports) originally it had half a gig memory and a ATI radeon x300(128 mg on board)and all slots are PCI (forgot to mention the motherboard has also on board intergrated Radeon X-press200 graphic chipset- this i have disabled),although the graphic card is also AGP 8X compatible also by a slide of a switch, now when i run decent games i find that i need to stick a pedastal fan near my computer, you see when u turn mine on the fan goes through its test going full speed which is very noisey then it slows after about 3 seconds and the noise disapates, but lately its started goin really high for a sec or two then drop again and continue doin this randomly while playin games yet not in windows, yet the fan dosnt have any in between if you know what i mean(build up to the fast) it dosnt seem right, so the pedestal fan near the grill stops this(i do live in australia and it is mid summer at moment, ive been told it sounds like just a build of dust over it, the heat sink, and the sensor making the sensor report wrong. any one have any clues to this-definately not as bad as the burnin cpu but hey-i could be next,Oh and i have checked in my bios and it is still getting a temp reading/computer set to turn off at 90/warn me at 80 and it runs about 65-75, but just finishing there is no inbetween from the fan bein average to really fast when it does it??? any idea"s???

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P4 vs D

Actually some P4 processors used an 800mhz FSB. My P4 3.2 EE has a 2MB cache and an 800mhz FSB.

Also if you are using 3 memory slots instead of just one in each bank, or both in each bank, you will actually degrade your performance as your memory can not run in dual-channel mode if there are an uneven number of memory sticks.

Dual channel means exacty that. You must populate both bank 1A and 2A AND/OR 1B and 2B for dual channel memory speeds. Anything else causes the memory to drop into single channel mode.

As for hyperthreading and dual cores. Hyperthreading one core will speed up a single core but most non-hyperthreaded dual core processors will smoke it even at significantly lower clock speeds. If your wallet will support it, go for a hyperthreaded dual core processor as that will smoke most anything else out there.

And remember also, on a good quality motherboard (many ASUS or Gigabyte but not Intel), some of the Pentium D processors (D-805 for example) can be overclocked insanely. My Pentium D model 805 with the revision code B0 is a 2.66ghz unit. But it currently is running 24/7 reliably, on air with the factory supplied cooler, at 3.6ghz.

The only test I have found where my hyperthreaded P4 3.2ghz Extreme Edition even comes close to my D is the Super-Pi test. On everything else my D seems to finish the job just about when the P4 is just getting started. I think the Super-Pi test is just a fluke though as there is literaly no comparison on anything else.

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dual channel with 3 modules
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i want pentium D

i hope i have at the future.

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Pentium D

Pentium D would be best. Pentium D is dual core.

It is really an upgrade.

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