Penn goes dem?

Are voters starting to wake up and see we have a child driving the bus?

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Reporting: Penn goes dem?
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Don['t start counting those chickens, Bob

The tally isn't finished and there are already challenges due to discrepancies.

As for "Penn"'re talking about ONE district and even THAT one will disappear in November and be split between two others....making WHOEVER wins having to run again BUT only if he physically MOVES to the district he wants to run in. (or both having to make that decision) TEMP employment can be a real bit...

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There are always discrepancies.

Recounts always change the results. Not the point. A Republican or Democratic win would be by ~0 points. The analysts note "Last time by ..."

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Re TEMP employment can be a real bit....

Like working in the White House under TheRUMP?


Being a coal miner in Virginia waiting for TheRUMP to give them a job?


An electrician sitting at the hall waiting for a call?

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The point is

Here's an area that went heavy repub in the last election.

A little over a year later they have flipped.

What happened in that short time?.......buyer's remorse?

Is the child going to be an anchor on the repubs in the mid terms?

I suspect there are some serious discussions going on in the repub side of the aisle as to how to spin things.

Ryan passes his tax cut......good talking point for the next election.

Then the child comes along and raises taxes with his tariffs.....the talking point just vanished.

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(NT) "What Happened"????
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You have a Dem who

literally ran as a, pro tax cuts, pro 2nd Amendment, and anti-Pelosi. He had NO primary either so that let him say whatever he wanted to say in order to win, even if it's all crap lies later on.

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None the less

A lot of voters moved from one side of the ticket to the other.

I can only guess at the reason.

I'll guess it had something to do with the child.

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You'd be guessing wrong as usual....

That's the mistake the Dems and the liberal media made in Nov, 2016 when all of them were predicting, even with their polling, that the LIAR was going to win.

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What's your guess

Why so many voters moved?

As for the 2016 election as far as I'm concerned both parties fielded a loser.

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ROFL, Lamb is a child himself!

Does he even shave yet?

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I'm glad you asked
"A little over a year later they have flipped.
What happened in that short time?"

Due to a court case, their liberal state supreme court redrew the district boundaries, giving an advantage to Democrats. They don't have that right. They usurped it. Those who were bound to uphold the laws, have instead broken the laws themselves.

Then, in another blow the Liberal SCOTUS refused to uphold the laws too. Why am I not surprised what is now an "activist" court would fail to follow the Law?

We really need to do something about these errant high courts failing to uphold our laws. Now!
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Did the redrawn boundaries apply to this election?

The court asked the repubs to redraw the map.

They could not or would not so the court did it.

I suppose you could call that activist.

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