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PC tuns off without warning

I am experiencing random shutdowns or should I say switch off's as there is no warning just a click and it's off when rebooting there is no fault message it is as if nothing happened any suggestions?

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Most of the time ...

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

this is a hardware issue. Could be a bad of insufficient power supply. Or bad memory or bad cooling (too hot inside). To check the last possibility: remove the cover from the case and try again.

Hope this helps.


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PC turns itself off

In reply to: Most of the time ...

Hi sorry it has taken so long to reply to your suggestion but I have been working on other projects and had to put the computer on the back burner so to speak.

I will list the computers details if it helps; MB=Asus M2N-VMZ AM2 GeF6100 DDR2 Vista Ready.
AMD AM2 940 65W X2 3800+ 2.0GHZ.
EZCOOL 450W Power supply Quiet Dual Fans replaced by Tagan 500W
Samsung SAMSP250-C spinpoint 250GB SATA.
Samsung SH-S183A 18X DVDRW SATA DL.
512MB 4200 DDR2 533 X 2 replaced by two 1024 rams from Crucial.
Case is ASUS TA210.

As you can see I have replaced the PSU and the RAM no change as far as overheating is concerned unless you can convince me it can happen during bootup I dont think its a problem.

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"unless you can convince me it can happen during bootup

In reply to: PC turns itself off

"unless you can convince me it can happen during bootup"

I will never try to convince you. This is your PC and if you need convincing then for me this is game over. I will however discuss possibilities and you can dismiss them. At the end it's likely to be a hardware issue and rarely an OS one. That's the odds.

The shutdown could be heat but also there are power consumption increases during boot that could exceed some power supply capacity for that split second and cause an instant shutdown. To call it that, you have to listen carefully as it boots and while it takes some experience in a repair shop the sequence is boot...boot...Click! Power just drops out. Since I can't observe the machine I can't tell. The fix varies with the cause but we usually strip the machine down to bare essentials of 1 stick ram, cpu, one drive, no CD/DVD, etc and try one last time then swap the PSU with the shops, retest, swap motherboard, etc.

Nothing in your post clues us in to exactly which part is bad or if there are 2 bad parts. A few times we had CPUs that would boot but warm up and then short out. Those are weird but it does happen.

Good luck in your search for what's busted. And leave the case cover off while you troubleshoot.


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weird but it does happen

In reply to: "unless you can convince me it can happen during bootup

Thanks Bob I have taken it back to the shop and they tell me they had it on for two days and nothing happened which is part of the problem if I could rely on it's failure so to speak at lets say 10 mins after booting up that would be great I could do as you say and knock it back to bare essentials and put things back till it started to switch itself off again, but it will work fine for a few days and then I will get a spate of it turning off every few mins or it will do it every other day.
I changed the power supply because I could hear it twittering and thought I had succeded in fixing it when it it didn't turn off then on the fourth day it happened.
I do have a question can USB connected hardware cause this to happen or indeed any exterior connected hardware?

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USB could be a factor. For example...

In reply to: weird but it does happen

I had this older Athlon 64 system and the drivers were not that great. The onboard USB ports could cause system lockups. While I waited for newer drivers I installed a PCI USB 2.0 card and that fixed that issue. A few months later new drivers came out and the onboard ports now work without locking up the machine.

It's a shame that consumers are tasked with such things.


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(NT) How old is the 'patient' ?

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

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PC tuns off without warning

In reply to: How old is the 'patient' ?

Less than a year I had it assembed for me by a local shop as I needed a new computer but all that was available were m/c's preloaded with Vista and this would mean I couldn't use the internet as Vista didn't support my modem or pehaps my modem driver was incompatable and there wasn't a download at that time to cure the problem, not that I wanted Vista I was quite happy with XP which I had loaded in this new m/c.

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I had a problem something like your's

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

turns out my fan to the power supply stopped working. We got a new power supply. We got a 400 watt, we had a 300 watt and all is well. I ran into all kinds of problems with the old one, including sometimes the computer would turn back it's date to Dec. 2002 and we didn't even have the computer then. I don't know why it did that.

But after we changed the power supply, we haven't had any problems.

The guy at the computer shop where we got the power supply, told us once the power supply fan goes you have to change the power supply.

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clean up

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

just like they said,maybe bad memory and power supply..switch your memory in another slot,check your board for burnt capacitor..good luck

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PC tuns off without warning

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

Had the same problem. The computer was overheated than shut down. In my case, I found that the power supply exhaust fan was clogged with lint like dust. I just took the wand of a vacuum cleaner and sucked out the dust. Fixed my problem and I never had to open the computer case.

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I'm thinking "virus"??

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

3 days ago my computer began acting strangely. Running 4 programs at full potential and it broke left click on a new mouse.. "Virus"!! MS gave me free tech support for this information..

Good Luck,

Btw, it took 2 hours of hunting for it before finding and destroying it..

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pc turn off

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

check bios maybe your motherboard over heating . if there no any problem check your power supply may be have any trouble.and if doesn't again your motherboard is damage

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Pc turns off without warning

In reply to: pc turn off

Hi Guys thanks for the suggestions I had wondered if it was an overheating problem or perhaps memory I thought that the computer would tell me that it had failed to shut down correctly last time and ask me if I wanted to start in safe mode or something.
The computer is quite new so I think a visit to the shop that put it together is required.
How do I check my bios and would this tell me if was an overheating problem?

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Pc turns off without warning

In reply to: Pc turns off without warning

To enter in BIOS you need to start your PC then you will see at the botom of the screen not like "press Tab to enter EZ flash or press Alt+F2 to enter bIOS"or you can try to press Delete button works on some PCs

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One Question Needs To Be Known.....

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

Most everyone is correct when they say it's your power supply BUT, I have had many instances when MS Windows WGA kicks in and shuts down a system randomly because the Activation Code has become "questionable"...meaning usually that the code is being used (activated) on another system.
One other person who replied is also correct in saying that a nasty virus or "malware" program is taking over the system in the background. I have one suggestion....if you know how to go into your bios and list the directory that your OS is loaded on, type: c:\windows\dir and check your bootlog.txt
There will be errors listed in that text if it WGA causing the shutdowns.
The one question you need to ask yourself, is: do you have a lot of popup windows that come up without your intervention? This is a very "simple" way of knowing whether it could be your power supply or malware.

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PC Shutdown

In reply to: One Question Needs To Be Known.....

Hi, just thought that i would ask since this topic is similar to mine. My computer that i have just built has been working fine but has just started acting up, about 10sec after i turn it on, it turns itself off, with no signs that it is starting to boot. Then about 10sec after it turned off it turns itself back on and repeats.
Intel Quad Q9450 2.66Ghz
Asus P5KC Motherboard
850Watt Power supply
8800GT Graphics Card
4Gb DDR2 Ram
Windows Vista 64bit

Any suggestions would be appriciated

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Windows WGA Shutting Down PC

In reply to: One Question Needs To Be Known.....

Any ideas on bypassing this. My system continues to shut down sometimes after initial boot up without Windows loading. Or is there anyplace with more information regarding WGA shutting down PC's.


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This is worthy of it's own posting.

In reply to: Windows WGA Shutting Down PC

The fix for WGA is well known. Just get your OS activated and it works fine.

Post a NEW post so you get the right answers.

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In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

The computer is hot and so is the CPU.

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use I8kFanGUI to monitor temperature.

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

I use I8KFanGUI (thats how its spelled, with an uppercase "i" at the beginning). This will tell you the current temperature of all of your components. You can also tell the computer to force your fans at high speed, or set them higher depending on if the temperature gets too high.
It will also tell you the current fan speed, CPU temp/speed, GPU temp, chipset temp, HD 1 temp, HD 2 temp and Memory temp.

I currently have a Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 laptop with Pentium M 2.13 Ghz CPU, 6800 Ultra GPU, and my temps are:
(all temps in Celsius, temps may vary)

CPU: 40's to 50's = average, over 70, fan goes into high gear
GPU: 55 idle, 70's to 80's on workload with games
memory: 55 constant
chipset: 53 constant
hard drive: 41 constant

I have two fans that cool the CPU and GPU.

Desktop temps may vary significantly, but these temps are my laptop temps and they are great!

Id suggest you start your computer, run the program, force the fans to high speed immediately, and check to see if the temps are out of range from research on your specific computer. If the temps are normal and it shuts down, you probably have a Virus or a hardware problem. Only way to quickly check is to insert another laptop HD into your system with another configuration and see if it still does the same. OR, you could reformat and check to see if the problem presists. Reformat as in disk wipe, not repair!... A program called DBAN will wipe your HD with random 1's and 0's therefore eliminating all your files and potential viruses! Backup first!

If it still persists, you can then check to see if your CPU and GPU is the culprit. (if you have a dedicated graphics card, this applies, but if its integrated, dont worry about the GPU).

You may need to reapply thermal compound in between the heatsink and the CPU (and possibly GPU) if their temps get way to high as shown in I8kFanGUI. If they are the known culprits, you can try "arctic silver" thermal compound and reapply it. If you are not comfortable with opening your computer, find someone that knows how to do this.

(If its under warranty, dont worry about it and let them fix it themselves!)

Hope that helps!

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Mine was the video card

In reply to: use I8kFanGUI to monitor temperature.

Like most of you that had this problem or are making suggestions, I too replaced the power supply. I have a Dell 4550. That did not solve the problem and all of the fans seemed to be working normal. I learned that Dell has a fault code system that will notify by a combination of LEDS on the back of the case (ABCD). Looking up the light combo indicated a video card error. Replaced the video card and no more shutdowns.

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Ramdom shutdowns

In reply to: Mine was the video card

I had that same problem and I checked the Event Viewer and found some interesting things going on with my computer I did not know. When the PC shuts down without notice, it will post a error message in the Viewer. By following MS instructions, you may be able to dig into the root of the problem. Most of the time, the information MS gives you, I can't understand and if you keep digging, like google the error message that appears in the Viewer, you may hit on the problem. My problem was that the UPC Backup was not configured correctly by XP, so I downloaded APC's PowerChute Business Edition and have not had a problem since, knock on wood.

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Random Reboots

In reply to: Ramdom shutdowns

One thing that I have learned is not to go out and buy a Registry repair or cleaner. They only add to the problem and if they do not explain why a file is being deleted, don't delete it. I have also found running the File Checker for Windows XP also works if an operating system file has been corrupted or deleted. This is a quote from an old PC World magazine, "When the system becomes unstable, go to Run, type in SFC /scannow, hit enter, if there is a corrupt file, it till ask you to insert the OS disc. If there is a corrupt file, it will either fix the file, or replace it. This may have been what was causing my computer to reboot randomly." Try this only at your own risk.

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PC Turns Off

In reply to: PC tuns off without warning

Hi Phil,
Tried to solve the same problem a year ago. I tried almost all the suggestions on here and other forums. Turned out to be a faulty power switch on the case....(On/Off Switch) was as simple as that. Could be worth checking.

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I think I have cured it

In reply to: PC Turns Off

Hi guys thanks for all the input about this problem well it wasn't hot it wasn't a virus it wasn't the power supply or the memory I had already changed and upgraded these last two and it wasn't the mother board etc.

I have been noting the switch off's and trying to acertain some thread of evidence that would point me to a suspect as it were, the frequency and randomness of the failures started to increase recently and I noticed a reluctance to log on to the internet after an incident so I bought a new modem and decided to go wireless while I was at it and what do you know no more random switch off's smug mode or what!!!!! how the modem was creating this problem I don't know just know that it's reign of terror is over never give up never surrender aaaaaaakaaaaaak.

Given the time and effort in tracing this problem I hope you will understand my cautious optimism.

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