Pc reset only when playing games

So the problem is..
so i started playing "rust" half a year ago and everything was fine i was running every game on best settings
DMC 5, Call of duty, Battlefield 4, Prototype ,Leauge of legends, CSGO sure not all of them are new but they run smootly with no problem..

my specs:

latley (started 4 month ago ) my pc strated crashing every time i start the game "rust" after an about 30 min and it started reducing every time.. till it stopped and crashes 3~5 min after i enter a game, each game!
even an easy to run game like LOL.
followed by rust every other game started crushing after abit of time till it became 3~5 min in every 1.

btw, i clean my pc every 3~6 months, using a dusk cleaner

first: I tought it was my pc since i had him for 4 years so i formatted my pc and installed a new windows - didnt solved it.

second: I thought it was a hardware prob and i didnt knew which component so i started testing each 1 seperatly ,
1) the GPU unpluged it completly clean it's slots and put it back, didnt work.
2) Ram, 4 slots are taken so first i benched marked them completly till max with "memtest" and they showed great performance so i tried to use only 2 of them each time, still didnt worked.
3) thought it was my CPU so i benchmarked the **** out of him, didnt worked. and no, it's not an overheating problem cuz my airconditioner is on and i got a fan pointed on the pc while it's open.
4) after everything didnt worked i benched marked eveything with pc wizard, all was fine beside the windows rating so i thought i had a problem with my OS upgraded to Windows 10 and it solved the OS rating, but the games still crushed.
5) thought it was my HDD(regular hard drive) cuz it made wierd noises. bought a new SSD Kingston drive and new SATA cable and installed windows 7 on it, DIDNT SOLVE IT!!!

guys i'm desprate! i dont know what else to do, i checked and tested everything, in the benchmarks and in daily heavy usage (Java programming, Photoshop) everything works fine

i heard it may be the PSU i got Corsair GS600 which is more than enough and everything worked perfectly till 6 month ago..

PLEASE help me Sad

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Reporting: Pc reset only when playing games
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So this is an older PC?

The time period means it is heat related. BUT HOLD ON HERE. Keep reading. As gear gets older it can be less tolerant to heat or timing can skew around. Yes you are cleaning, have put on new heatsink compound and the AC is on and the fans blowing but SOMETHING is still whacked.

Since Java and such works my best guess is the GPU. That's where the work is done for the apps such as Rust and even LoL.

AS A TEST. Remove the GPU and use the onboard video.

I don't see a PSU listed in the hardware so let's hope it's a single rail 500+Watt PSU.
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ill try

ill try the onboard gpu ill let you know.
p.s. my psu is corsair gs600 wat

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