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Pc fans go really loud but moniter still turns on.

the fans on my computer go super loud, but the moniter still turns on. ive doon some research and found this could be dust but i want to be sure.

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Reporting: Pc fans go really loud but moniter still turns on.
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PS. About dust, fans and cleaning.

The usual cleaning is done with canned air to the vents.

Folk usually go about this like this:

1. Watch a few YouTubes about laptop or desktop canned air cleaning.
2. Decide what method they want to use as in, remove the covers and go deep or just stick to what you can get at with the covers on.

-> Don't go where your feel uncomfortable. <-

3. While you are cleaning I take the extra step to visually go over the machine looking for look parts such as a loose screw floating around a desktop PC (seem to find these from time to time.) To checking if the fans are all working.

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thankyou. does the canned air matter? i know not to use an air compressor but does some canned air have lubricants in it that are not good for the pc?

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While that has been asked many times.

Compressor air can be damp, be oily and such. No one can guess what a compressor can do since, so many out there.

The canned air I've used for decades which is to dust off lens and more has yet to contain any oil.

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(NT) Thankyou i really do appreciate you time
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Please supply more detail.

A lot of PCs were set up to max out the fan speed on power up then reduce as the machine booted to control heat.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." PC designer.

Later as folk complained about that, updates were sent out to start off the fans at about half speed which is a good compromise.

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i dont think it was like that

ive had the pc for about 2 and half years now, the fans have never sounded like this before.

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I don't have the PC details.

And if the owner had updated the PC or there is a failed fan or something like this will happen on an update. HP among others offer BIOS and driver updates that can change how the machine works.

From the story I would be guessing that cleaning and care for the hardware was pretty much "I just use it."

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yeah im going to clean it first..

im going to clean it if it doesnt work ill get back to you.

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Just fixed that same problem myself ....

FIRST to check to see if your problem is the same as mine - find the FREE util SPEEDFAN and install and run that. If you find most of the indicators go quickly into the "FIRE" icon. You probably have the same problem.

I opened my PC up and looking through the large fan on top of the CPU I saw a thick blanket of dust - and 8 year accumulation! So - with the PC off of course - I got out the vacuum cleaner and using the smallest nozzle I had - about 1/2 inch - I CAREFULLY stuck that between the fan blades and vacuumed all the stuff out. I kept at it til I couldn't see any more dust. --- Wish I had a 1/4 inch nozzle however - would have been a bit easier.


The pc is now running very quiet and 60 to 70 degrees F cooler!

Personally I wouldn't use compressed air. It usually ends up driving some stuff deeper til you REALLY can't get it out. That would be especially true blowing through the fan into the CPU heat sink.

It would probably been better if I removed the fan first - it looked as though it MIGHT snap off BUT - it resisted - and my experience with such plastic snaps is that they more often that not just break.

What I did worked fine - so I'm happy.

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Good find. Hope you had your mask and as Bill Nye says

"Safety googles ON!"

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