Two possible causes for your problem. First, any photo output is an intense operation and takes time plus data to get it out. That implies system resources and dumps out to the printer. the printer accepts the data and starts its task, but if the resources from the system are dogged, it may pause to send data and the printer waits, but usually its the other way, the systems waits for the printer. If the data dump is so large, it clears it own memory cache(printer buffer) and then proceeds when space is available, the pause is expected, no fix unless a possible added data buffer is used and not possible for some printers, no added memory slots or option for it. if the system, adding ram could help. Also, checking for any added system tasks or pgms. recently added and/or upgraded may rob more of the system resources.

Second, the printer is doing again a large task, the printhead may overheat and a pause to allow it to cool then continue. While, you may not have experienced it before, the wear&tear of usage has finally gotten its licks. No fix again, just expect it or replace printer.

I exclude any other cause, maybe s/w or other bkgrd. tasks new to the mix.

tada -----Willy Happy