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"Patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior

to all other countries because you were born in it"

George Bernard Shaw

Since every country is flawed, that seems the only way to explain it.

"In England, the Ministers who are at the heads of [the] several departments of State are liable any day and everyday to defend themselves [and the actions of their departments,R] in Parliament: in order to do this they must be minutely acquainted with all the details of their offices, and the only way of being constantly armed with such information is to conduct and direct those details themselves."
Lord Palmerston in an 1838 statement to Queen Victoria.

It would be better for the US if that were true in Congress, instead of allowing one party to rule for 4 years without organized opposition to rein it in. This above everything else has been the cause of the filibuster, though rank partisanship and Republican intransigence has certainly contributed greatly.

I intend this to provide a diversion from the "us versus them" quarrels of the Convention season.


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It would be better in the USA

if we had fewer agencies and departments to where the head actually COULD become responsible for the actions of those departments.......and be minutely acquainted with all the details of their offices. It would make it much easier to investigate and convict those who think they are above the law. However, even when only 20 people were possibly involved in the leaks situation, THAT investigation is taking TWO investigators and months later we still don't have any answers. Big government.......yeah.....that works.

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ROFL...Thanks for the laugh,Rob

aren't you aware of how Mentally Ill George Bernard Shaw really was????

I don't care how many Nobel Prizes this jerk won,he was an abject fool.

Shaw was a Fabian Socialist and probably would have liked Obama.

Shaw liked Hitler,Stalin and advocated the mass murder of the sick and infirm who no longer benefited his vision of the ideal society.Shaw and his warped brethren are all better off where they are now(Dead).

You don't believe me?? Then watch this short video and listen to Shaw's own words on what I just said and please if you will,notice the Nazi Salute Shaw gives to the camera at the end of the video.!!!!!!!!

According to Shaw's thinking,yourself,my friend Toni and probably me should be rounded up and exterminated.Do you still like Mr Shaw????????

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And, before it shows up in misquote,

Dr Johnson said, "An excess of patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

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