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password protect a folder?

I would like a small free program to simpy right click a folder and say password protect.

-no moving these into another folder or locker. ( I can do that with winrar )

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Asked several times

This has been asked several times, and the answer is always the same. This is not a feature of any version of Windows. There are programs that will add it, but they're easily bypassed if you know what you're doing. Look into NTFS permissions or storing sensitive info on an encrypted external drive of some sort.

For specifics on any of that, I point you to the Google search engine, or your search engine of choice.

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Not a native feature.

Unless we consider that our account has a password and we "make our files private".

There is EFS which I never talk about since no one I know backs up the credentials. But maybe we should talk more as how else will people learn to backup this unless they lose it all a few more times?

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Well I am now agreeing with you guys that there is no basic way in windows unless you use a program with a "container" or winrar with password protecting the file.

Although, it would be nice for a simple program just that prevents access to the folder without moving the file to a container or protected rar file.

I guess I'm still going to have to use winrar... Since basic users won't no how to break through the passwords.


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What we have already does this.

Accounts can have their files private. EFS adds even more to this so all I can guess is that you want to hide files from your own account.

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I would like to password protect a folder

I would like to password protect a folder in my own account yes, {{ as well as any account or computer it's copied to. }}

As of right now I use winrar for the fastest most simple option that I know of.

Although I wish there was a simpler way, IE: "RIGHT-CLICK TO ADD PASSWORD"

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Then you can

Research prior answers to this such as FOLDER LOCK and more.

But these solutions often have the user of such posting later about forgotten passwords, can't open the folder and more.

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True, I hope that won't be me.

Folder lock was a program i have tried along with countless others and still doesn't have an attach a password to open feature.

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There's a saying here.

"We only lose what we don't backup."

And backups must be without crippling things like proprietary encodings unless the goal is to thwart recovery if the password or software that opens it is gone.

We already have solutions but at times you have to wonder why people lose so much stuff. Then you find this area of discussion and it becomes clear.

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I agree backups are important.

Yes I agree that backups are important although, I am simply looking for a small program to password protect a file/folder to prevent access.

This is for privacy reasons not for fear of loss. I already use a Backup program that works for me.


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Also...What exactly are you implying here?

What exactly are you implying here in your last sentence?

"We already have solutions but at times you have to wonder why people lose so much stuff.

"Then you find this area of discussion and it becomes clear."

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You already have this.

By using EFS and your logon you have this feature today, now and so on.

I'm not implying anything. I'm stating that when I find an owner with lost files this idea of folder protection often pops up. It's a shame they learn that lesson the hard way.

The native tools work fine. It makes zero sense to hide a folder from my own account.

Why not just password my account, make folders private and use EFS?

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Sure, although even better would be

Sure, although even better would be to have a program extend these protection settings to other accounts but more importantly, other computers, hard drives etc.

Example would be like winrar but without moving the folder into another file and just simply affixing a password to the folder.

A way you would benefit would be if you have a hard drive (external) plugged into a computer that wasn't yours and someone tried to open a private folder they couldn't without the password.


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I am looking for a Windows password script

I am looking for a Windows password script. What I would like it to do is the following:

1.) I right click a folder &/or file and it has the option to "attach a password" in the context menu. (created by the script.)

2.) After attaching the password to the folder &/or file, it will prompt for the password when trying to open the folder &/or file & or a file inside the protected folder.

3.) Last it will need to do is extend these protection settings so if it's copied to external media, hard drives, or other computers, it will still prompt.
OK, some important notes:

- I don't want a programs that make you move the file/folder into a "vault or locker".

- I would like to attach a password to the file/folder with no further manipulation to the file/folder.

-"Winrar" is the closest thing to my longest most simple journey but it moves the file into a password protected archive. This would not be so bad if it didnt take forever to open just to populate (when you have multiple files in the archive.) This is very time consuming when you just want to open one file/folder.
This is so simple yet I have failed to know end trying to find this. The mac has this built in I believe, but I have Windows. Joy for Windows .

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Two things

Two things.

1: Why did you post a new question at the end of an old discussion?

2: Mac OS X has absolutely NOTHING like what you describe built in. I suspect you're confusing OS X's sudo prompt for something it's not.

Now, long story short, the only way you're going to be able to have everything you want in a program, is for it to be supported in the filesystem, and with Windows you have FAT and NTFS as your choices. Neither of which support anything even approaching this.

What you want SOUNDS simple, until you come across someone with a little actual programming experience, who will tell you this would require a pretty significant reworking of some major Windows components. You'd need to update the filesystem to support a specific kind of ACL, then work the file management APIs to support those as well. Then you have to wrap all that into a pretty GUI. And even then, any external devices would have to use the same filesystem, or you'd have to create a failsafe in the file manager APIs so that it will refuse to copy a file from one filesystem to another, which would greatly upset people who wouldn't be able to figure out why they can't copy some file or directory.

I don't think there's an OS out there that has anything like what you want. Mostly because there are better ways of doing it. Just like a better way of asking this question would have been to make a new topic instead of hijacking an old thread.

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