PART 2 Fresh reinstall of free windows 10-GRIF's response

Very sorry for starting another thread on same topic but I am using someone else's laptop to help to sort out my own and this laptop is also having problems - going very slow, etc. I tried to press the button to answer on original thread but nothing happens.

Grif thank you for your response. I'm not having much joy. I bought an 8gb USB stick and downloaded windows 10 twice but each time when it gets to 99% it stops and says interrupted. When I check on the stick it says 'partial download'. So I then found what I think is the right network adapter to download to try and get the internet back on my laptop so I can download directly to it. I downloaded that to a stick. When I try to download it onto my PC it says that it 'cannot install in safe mode' or something like that.

I really don't know what to do. Is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks

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Reporting: PART 2 Fresh reinstall of free windows 10-GRIF's response
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Re: installing Windows 10

"I downloaded to a stick". That's not the right thing to do. You must use the Windows Media Creation Tool (or Rufus, although I never used that myself) to make a bootable stick out of the .iso you downloaded.
And then, if you can't run the setup.exe from that USB-stick in your own (corrupted?) Windows, you boot from that USB stick to run it in a clean OS.

What exactly do you mean with "downloaded [from a stick] onto my PC"? Downloading is just copying a file from a server on Internet to a hard disk or USB stick on your PC, and not running it. And downloading certainly is not from a stick.

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thank you

Hi Kees_b,

I thought a flash drive and a memory pen/stick were the same thing - obviously not. I'm not techy at all.
I've fixed my laptop in the past when it's been having software problems, with the help of forums like this but I think I may just have to take it somewhere to be done. Many thanks

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Re: flash drive

You're quite right: a USB stick or memory pen or flash drive are all the same. Synonyms so to say.

But I wonder why you say that now, since nowhere in this thread (before you used it in the post I'm now replying to) the words 'flash drive' (not even the word 'drive') is used. You talk about a stick and I talk about a stick and we mean the same.

Let's see if Grif can say something useful.

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In answer to your question, I use the term 'flash drive' as that is the phrase that Grif used in his response to my question. I've never called it a 'flash drive' in my life - only a memory pen or memory stick. Perhaps it's an age thing. I understood them to be the same thing, synonymous, as you say and was a bit confused by your response showing confusion over the term 'downloaded to a stick) and implying it was not the same the same thing. I follwed the link given by Grif and downloaded it to the stick but it failed to download completely. By download I mean to transfer data, just to clarify in case I am using that term incorrectly.

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As Kees Stated,You Don't Download It Directly To the "Stick"

Instead, you use the Windows Media Creation Tool to download the ISO to your computer, then allow the Creation Tool to then burn the ISO image to your flash drive/stick or to a DVD. The ISO isn't actually "copied" to the flash drive/stick, but instead the Creation Tool extracts the files from within the ISO and then copies them to the stick. In that way, the files that are copied to the flash drive/stick are then bootable on your computer and should allow the OS to be installed on your computer.

Hope this helps.


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You Might Also Try A Slightly Different Method To Get A USB

Use the same link to the Windows Media Creation Tool that I listed earlier. Once there, choose to download the full ISO to your desktop. Download the ISO to your desktop, (it's fairly large at about 3.5 GB) and once that's done, use a separate program called Rufus to then extract/burn the ISO image to you USB stick. The link to the simple Rufus program is below:

Once you have the USB stick for installing the operating system, you should be able to install Windows 10.

Hope this helps.


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