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Papers Please?Real ID Act Passes House

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Reporting: Papers Please?Real ID Act Passes House
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And the next step will be to have

guards at all state line borders to check your ID and to make you register with the police every time you travel from Conn. to NY.

Those morons in congress are going to make us into a clone of an Arab State....just handing our way of life to them!

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And gearup

and a few others will be the only ones they don't allow to pass. They're out to get you gearup.. they're out to get you...

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This is the same bill some here were praising for

"controlling terrosim and illegal immigrants." Remember my predicition about a Bush re-election leading to a police state -- you're seeing the accelerating slide down the slippery slope.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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whatch out

they know what you did back in your collage days lolololol

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Of course, the slope is about 200 miles off, requires a plane to cross an ocean, and a submarine to access an underground cavern entrance.
-same response to Dan's post in the other thread, and now an extra bonus for your post-
And its in Fairyland, a magical place where Dave K., Dan, and gearup seem to live.

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Oh I don't know

The slope exists.

And the desire to link databases etc bothers me as much as an equal standard across the country for ID's issued by states.

Obviously there have been problems with faulty verification of ID for driver licenses, we've read links here about such abuses.

Of course, that is not an abuse if you think illegal aliens should have driver licenses etc. In fact, some feel they should be defacto citzens with no criteria to meet, or so some articles seem to indicate.

There have been almost endless debates about national ID's and/or standards for state issued ID's.

They certainly make you think of the old movies about occupied Europe and Nazi's and SS asking for papers from everyone, just before all the gunfire starts. (And one or two people kill 2 dozen without getting hit themselves!)

There is also some reasons to regard national ID's as an need that the time has come. Actually we've been using the SS card and number for that half the time anyway, and that was always suppose to be a no-no.

The potential for abuse of national databases on everyone that ever gets any drivers license, business privilege, even a permit of a add-on to their house is enormous. And the potential for political misuse exists too.

But the potential is also there to help control illegal bordercrossing, identity theft, multiple alias uses, etc.

One of the big problems is the tendancy of the Bureaucracy, particularly law enforcement, of regarding anything coming from an official database as infallible gospel.

So the misuse potential is enormous. The question becomes is the potential benefit equal?

Some like to quote the old saw about those that would give up freedom for a little security deserve neither. Such sayings often have profound nuggets. They also oversimply the problem of balencing good vs bad of any choice by saying aa good, bb bad.



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Mark Already posted this here....

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