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Pandora issues

Aug 19, 2010 6:11AM PDT

I just bought an HDTV-LN46C670. I cannot get the Pandora app to work. I wnet to and entered the code. I created an app account on internet tv and entered my Pandora info and it was accepted. I went to the Pandora app and it said my user name and password was incorrect. I have triple checked all the info to no avail.



Mike in St. Louis

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Pandora issues
Aug 20, 2010 7:33AM PDT


Did you log into your account first? The red "A" button should log you in. (but I've always clicked right on the Pandora widget and logged right in - maybe try removing the Pandora login information, and attempting to log in on the Samsung Apps frontpage)

If you think it's a problem with the TV, we can go through a few steps.

If you'd like to check with Pandora to make sure it's not an account issue, you can also contact them at - might be good just to verify your info.


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Pandora support reply
Aug 21, 2010 1:07AM PDT

Thanks for the response. I also did contact Pandora Support and here's their reply...

Try following these steps to set up Pandora on the
Internet@TV platform-

- Push the 'Info' button on the remote control to bring up the
Internet@TV menu.
- Then launch Pandora
- You will see the Activation screen, which will prompt you to go to on your computer and enter the activation code.
- Indicate whether you have an existing Pandora account or whether you need to create a new account.
I tried his solution to no avail.
I deleted the app and started no avail.

I have successfully launched Pandora through a Blu-Ray player but it's turned off when I try thru the TV. My user name and password are valid but I keep getting rejected.

I'll give your solution a try and see what happens.

thanks again!


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got it - at least for now
Aug 21, 2010 5:56AM PDT

I deleted the app - reloaded it - got the code - entered it on Pandora's site - went back to the TV and entered the app...and it worked. Fourth time's the charm I guess.

Now I have to work on the Crystal Audio Soundbar and see if I can get surround out of it. <g>

Thanks! I'm sure I'll be back.


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Thank you so much for your info!
Aug 22, 2010 6:14AM PDT

Your info helped us to get our Pandora app to finally launch! We have had the exact same problems with our Pandora app. We recently purchased the Samsung LN55C650. All other internet apps worked fine but Pandora. I upgraded to a paid Pandora account because I use it so much and was highly disappointed that it wouldn't work. After troubleshooting it with a support rep from Pandora, I am now even far more disappointed. To begin with, this guy actually told me when I first emailed in about the problem and this is a quote "We don't have other Internet@TV users writing in with problems." Wow, what a great way to make a customer immediately feel that the problem is on their end. I had been troubleshooting with Pandora for 5 days now and after upgrading the software version for our TV this morning (at his suggestion), it still would not work. The device activation code registration process on Pandora's website did not work. The rep admitted after multiple attempts that he did not see any device activation code associated with my account. I complained about the fact that the registration process leads you to believe that it worked fine and that is a problem on their end. There was no acknowledgement or explanation on that problem. He even entered a device activation code manually to my account and it still wouldn't work. So this morning, we finally turned to the web to resolve this ourselves and found a link to your post in the Samsung cnet forum. We also deleted the Pandora app and then added it back in. Launched the app, got yet another activation code. This time, we left this screen up on the TV (rather than exiting out of it which may have been part of the problem in hindsight) and went online to Pandora's site to register the code. After that was done, we exited out of the device activation code screen and then tried relaunching the Pandora app again. Yay! It finally worked! But as you said, we still cannot log in to the app using my Internet@TV account which I had linked to my Pandora account info. It still says "Cannot login" "Invalid user-id and/or password". Pandora clearly has issues with their app on the Samsung TVs and the level of knowledge and help to get it resolved from Pandora was very disappointing. After resolving our problem thanks to your info, I emailed the support rep I was dealing with and gave him an honest assessment on how I feel about the Pandora app problems on Samsung TVs and on the customer support I received, particularly regarding his statement "We don't have other Internet@TV users writing in with problems." Thanks again for posting your experience in this forum, it certainly helped us after 5 days of troubleshooting frustration!

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got it - at least for now
Aug 22, 2010 9:46AM PDT


So was it launching from the initial Samsung Apps Menu, or did you enter the information in the Account Manager? (I've never entered the info at the Account Manager area - always launched it from the main menu, was prompted, kept the screen up, entered the code online, and then once the website said, "OK", I'd click OK on the TV).


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More info
Aug 22, 2010 10:21AM PDT

We first tried to launch Pandora via the Internet@TV account because the first thing we did after getting the TV was create an account. As soon as you get done creating an account, it asks you if you want to link your account to any of the other service providers. Knowing I would want to use Pandora first, I linked it to Pandora by entering my user-id and password for Pandora. After doing so, it appears as though it goes out to Pandora's site and verifies the login info because it came back and said "Registered successfully". We then went back to the main internet@tv menu and logged into the account and then tried to launch Pandora. We always got and still get the "Cannot login" "Invalid user-id and/or password" message. We tried the main menu method after the account login method didn't work. I can't say for certain whether I stayed on the device activation code screen or not while I went to Pandora's site to register. I tried it several times and just don't remember. If you need to stay on that screen while you go register, then shouldn't they state that requirement on that screen? All of my email communications I had with the support rep at Pandora and he never questioned whether I stayed on that screen while registering. After reading your info on deleting the Pandora app and then re-adding it back in, we did then access the app from the main menu, got another activation code, left that screen on display (not intentionally, we just did), went to Pandora's site to register the activation code and after that process completed, OK'd out of that screen and then tried to launch Pandora from the main menu and that is when it finally worked!

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More info
Aug 22, 2010 10:31AM PDT


Gotcha. That's exactly what I was asking.

I wonder why it gets funny when you enter the account using the Account Manager. So that helps me pinpoint what to test and report.

Thanks for following up, fellas.


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Hope that info helps
Aug 22, 2010 11:02PM PDT

Sorry, Samsung HD Tech, I didn't realize that the last post came from you, I thought it came from Mike-STL, but that was you addressing the post to Mike-STL!! In any case, I hope the info helps!

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fails to login to pandora app with existing pandora account
Sep 4, 2010 2:56AM PDT

Went looking with same pandora problem and found this form.

It seems the logging for Pandora App on Samsung only fails if you have an existing Pandora account.

I have updated to the latest firmware available for my TV and done the uninstall / reinstall of the Pandora app, and still have no login success.

I don't want to make a Pandora account just for my TV. It may know how to link the Samsung generated ID to my Pandora account, but it doesn't say that anywhere, and I'd rather not try and end up with extra account.

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got it - at least for now
Aug 23, 2010 4:35AM PDT

1. I deleted the app and the account info on the log-in page.
2. Opened Internet TV and downloaded the app.
3. ran the app, got an activation code, went to my PC and entered it.
4. came back to the tv and ran the app and it connected with my stations.

I do not go to the log-in (button A; I just open the app and it logs in under my Pandora user name all by itself.

Still trying to tweak the soundbar. Doesn't want to give me virtual surround. But that's another post for another day.