Panasonic TC-P60ST60/judder or jumpiness

Mar 27, 2014 3:50AM PDT

I have some mild judder (jerkiness/jumpiness) on all "canned programming" such as sit-coms, hour long serials, movies, DVDs, etc. I experience none on "live" programming such as news, sports, award ceremonies, etc. The Motion Smoother setting that creates the least judder is Off. In a CNET comment section associated with the 55 inch model, I noticed that only one other person described the same thing which leaves me wondering whether others who have purchased the ST60 models have experienced the same thing no matter how mild. The other person reporting this phenomenon was told by Panasonic to unplug his set for 60 seconds, then plug it back in again. So I tried that too. While both of us observed a reduction in judder, it's still exists to some minor degree and, at least for the other gentleman, the "fix" was only temporary. Having just done this simple procedure, maybe my improvement will only be temporary as well. Here's my question to those who have the ST60 model: Have you experienced mild judder on "canned programming" as well and, if so, aside from turning the Motion Smoother off, what have you done to eliminate (or virtually eliminate) it? Thanks!

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Reporting: Panasonic TC-P60ST60/judder or jumpiness
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I know you wrote about turning off.
Mar 27, 2014 3:54AM PDT

But that's my preferred setting. You should call it in and report it's not working. Unless folk report it or even return the products they have no reason to improve it.

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Follow-up with Panasonic
Mar 27, 2014 6:14AM PDT

Thanks Bob.

Yes, I did contact Panasonic in late October, early November, and they said that I was the first to report this. Hmm. Of course, I realize others may be experiencing mild judder problems but are simply living with it (i.e., they haven't reported it). Long story short, through a series of phone calls with Panasonic, they referred me to a Panasonic authorized repair service. After talking with him by phone - his store is about 60 miles away, he left me with the impression that what I was experiencing (mild judder) was probably normal; he also suggested an alternative hook-up that bypassed the use of an HDMI cord. I never tried it because I'm not that sophisticated, nor was I confident it was a proper solution. I should also mention that my installer re-checked his work (he does this for a living) and found that all was well on his part (he also put in a new HDMI cord). He installed my previous Panasonic plasma and it had no judder at all. I trust his work. What I was hoping to learn by posting on this forum was whether others who had purchased an ST60 model have been experiencing the same problem (mild judder or "jumpiness") as me. If multiple responders, even a few, indicate they do NOT experience any judder whatsoever, I'll be more encouraged to press for a solution or re-contact the repair service. By the way Bob, by any chance do you have a version of the ST60 model? Thanks for responding.

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Sorry no.
Mar 27, 2014 6:21AM PDT

I don't have this one. But it's a common complaint and I just turn it off. Sadly I feel this is a feature that is not all worked out. If it was, you would not have adjustments as well as the off setting. You can find complaints about this on many make and models so to tell you you're the first is well, not exactly the truth.

It might be true this support person may be their first time but it's not the first time. Sorry but they are likely marking time so you can't return it? I'm guessing why they don't fess up. Well Toyota, GM and many companies don't fess up so why should we expect no better responses from panny.

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Jan 12, 2016 7:57AM PST

I have had this same experience but on live news programs as well as on "canned" programs. It is becoming progressively worse and more frequent. I am about to contact my warranty company about this and other issues (crackling speakers, vibrations, etc). Will try to keep you posted. Let me know if you find out more...Thanks!

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There are dedicated threads over at AVS re: this
Jan 13, 2016 2:59PM PST

Read through the various Panny threads in the plasma display sub-forum there. This is well covered territory, especially considering they no longer make Panny plasmas. If you can't google it feel free to ask back here Wink

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