Panasonic model TH59PZ85U

I purchased this hdtv plasma 50" tv in sept 2008 and based my decision primarily on cnet's high rating of it...

Approx a month ago i was told the Plasma Panel had to be replaced due to a thin green line running top to bottom down right-hand side of picture. AND it would be cheaper to buy a new tv than replace Panel.

I paid over $2000.00 for this tv and it lasted 2yr/6mos!! 1 Technician told me to call panasonic and try to get a break in the price of a new one since it was only 6 months out of warranty--------they said sure---50.00!

Folks if you are buying Panasonic Plasma, GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!

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Reporting: Panasonic model TH59PZ85U
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Panasonic model TH59PZ85U

Has anyone else had this experience with this Panny model?? I am still in shock over something so expensive could be so flimsy and Plasma Panel (picture tube to me) go out in 2 1/2 years... I had a Mitsibishi that lasted 15 years and was still going strong when I got the hdtv.. Is there some kind of action a person could take to let Panny know what a wrongful act they have committed and that they should make things right with everyone that bought this piece of junk??

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Wait, most of this stuff is 5 year design life.

If you do a little research the days of 10 to 20 year design life ended over a decade ago.

Many are just getting bit because of the rush to HD.

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5 years yes, 2 years NO
I would have been happy with 5 years but 6 months after warranty is not good for two thousand dollars.
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Sorry. Do we need to discuss MTBF, Bad Caps and more?

To really rip into this we have to cover a lot of topics. But let me bottom line it.

-> The makers are sending us a signal loud and clear with the paltry 1 year warranties.

At least one company I know is making good on BAD CAPS and some RPTV chips.

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Panny should be forced to take action

Panny has screwed me once and I learn quick! I will never buy another Panasonic product, even if cnet recommends one. We could force them into bankruptcy if everyone took that approach (ALL PANNY BIG DOGS OUT THERE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS POST!!)

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You may want to read about other makes.

I see this same response to failures in other makes. You can be sure that 2 year failures are found in every make.

-> Here's my point. 1 Year Warranty = A sign the maker does not believe in their product.

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I am feeling more like a dummy

I feel even more like a dummy since this conversation started. Isnt there any way we can let panny know we are fed up? I mean go to the top and tell them! I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR A NEW HDTV!!!

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Call back and ask for elevation of the issue.

50 bucks is on the low side given the repair bill. My thought is that half off is acceptable for out of warranty one time coverage when the cause is not one of the epidemic issues (BAD CAPS as an example.)

--> I forgot to ask if this was a credit card purchase as some doubled the warranty.

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Might be a light of hope

Do you mean call Panny back and tell them that I feel a newer model should be offered me at half the current price? I would feel that would be a decent offer.

Yes, I did purchase by credit card.. A visa i believe.. How would I find out what, if anything, they would do to help me?

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Not a leg to stand on.

Sorry but when folk get irate and demanding, unless they have some warranty the makers just nod and say they're sorry. Unless there is some epidemic issue and there are no spare parts etc. I don't see how you can ask for full refund or another newer model. Maybe a working model of same style and age and feature but those that try to get a 3D 10 inches more are going to be shut down.

As to the visa card, I can't know what deal your card had. I bring this up since a few remember the card, and the double warranty deal.

Visa writes about the program at http://usa.visa.com/personal/visa-signature/benefits/warranty-manager.jsp

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