Honestly, it's hard to find two GPS systems where one has a significant advantage over the other, particularly when both are running the same software (usually the biggest difference maker). Thus, either one you choose will be fine, and the Cnet Editor's reviews, along with user reviews, should be the deciding factor. However, there are some differences, spec-wise, you may want to take into consideration:

* The TomTom GPS system has a predicted battery life of 10 hours, while the Palm's is only 8 hours. But, with a car charger, this makes little difference.

* The TomTom receives 20 channels, versus the Palm's 12. This means that the TomTom is capable of receiving signals from 20 satellites at once, which may translate into better accuracy. (For the most part 12 satellites at once would be fine, but more can't hurt.)

* The Palm has a slightly better response time (~10 seconds) than the TomTom when starting out.

Hope this helps,