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Palin should spend 2012 taking Remedial History classes

Sarah Palin is a divisive figure. But no matter where you stand with
the former Alaska governor's politics, this recent video of her speaking
about Paul Revere's historic ride is sure to raise a few eyebrows.
In the video, which was taken at Boston's Old North Church, Palin
gives a bizarre version of Revere's 1775 ride. Addressing an unknown
person, Palin remarks:
He who warned the
British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing
those bells and, um, making sure as he's riding his horse through town
to send those warning shots and bells that, uh, we were going to be
secure and we were going to be free.
A couple of things are wrong with that interpretation, but one
central main point seemed to be lost on Palin: Revere wasn't warning the
British about anything. Indeed, he was warning the Americans about an
impending British attack--as his celebrated historical catchphrase "The
British are coming!" made abundantly clear.

Even Saturday morning cartoons would have taught her this most basic bit of American history. I suppose this was another one of those "gotcha" questions....
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Reporting: Palin should spend 2012 taking Remedial History classes
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Paul Revere WARNED the enemy?

Wouldn't that make him a traitor?

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When we warned Sadam

That we were coming to punish him for the Kuwait Invasion, was that being a traitor? Anyway, what is your definition of "traitor"? Applying that to him as an American? Or as a British subject? You really need to be more precise.

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check the link in Tonys post for this
I told him; and aded, that their troops had catched aground in
passing the River, and that There would be five hundred Americans there
in a short time, for I had alarmed the Country all the way up.
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Nice try, Sarah

But her explanation (as usual) doesn't jibe with what she said originally, which was that he was riding around sounding bells, firing his rifle and warning the British.

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Did he not do all of those?

She seems more up on the history than you do, LOL! Shocked

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Ok, who's playing with their thumbs again? Mischief

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No, he didn't

He only "warned" the British after he was captured, not while he was riding, which is what she said he did.

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(NT) No
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He did not ride through the town ringing bells and

shooting warning shots like she said and he didn't tell the British anything until he was captured and, even then, mis-directed then after they heard the gunfire.

I would be interested in how he would have reloaded his gun while riding through town. Remember these are single-shot, muzzle-loaded guns.

Let's look at Wikipedia rather than a blog.


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Josh quoted a blog...
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I'm sure someone went in to edit it to make Sarah

look bad.


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Interesting points

However, my problem with the clip isn't just whether or not she knew more than I did, I'm not very good on history facts, especially obscure ones, and I'll admit it.

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Reloading guns, Diana...

Back in those days, I would think that a man on horseback would tend to carry a brace of pistols ''(2 0f them). First, a pistol would be better to deal with somebody on a road next to you, swinging a rifle to bear would be slower than a pistol. Also, with a brace of pistols, you would have 2 shots in case the first one didn't do the job.

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Sarah scares the hell out of them

And I love her for doing it, lol. She's like their heads on crack the effect it causes in them. It's like them getting a magic pill that turns them from donkeys into jack a**es. Hearing them bray and bray about her is like music to my soul, LOL!!!!!

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RE: Hearing them bray and bray about her is like music to m

Hearing them bray and bray about her is like music to my soul, LOL!!!

Now you know what some feel when people cry about Obama. ENJOY!!!

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I love it when people hang onto that notion

Sure she scares people, but not for the reasons you'd like to think she does. Me? The idea of a Palin presidency scares me the same way the idea of a Paris Hilton presidency would scare me.

But keep telling yourself that people fear her for some more substantive reason.

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(NT) There are leaders out there that would eat her for breakfast
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That's like saying an Obama presidency

scares someone like a Farakhan presidency would scare someone. If you are going to attempt analogies, please don't embarass yourself at the same time. There actually has to be some significant comparisons, and actually there's more between Obama and Farakhan then between Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton.

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How about a list between Farakhan?

I'm a bit curious as to your examples.

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say what?!

You must have meant to ask Josh about his comparison between Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin.

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I was curious as to your examples

since actually there's more between Obama and Farakhan then between Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton.

If it helps, I'll agree that Palin is quite different from Paris Hilton. I'll agree she's more serious, and not such a spoiled brat too.

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I don't feel Farakhan and Obama are a proper comparison, that was my point to Josh about his.

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I think Palin and Hilton are both rather dim

And I don't think either one of them has the basic skill set to run anything, nor do either of them think they need to. That's how they compare in my book. Palin is prettier IMO (I never saw what the big whoop was over Paris Hilton; she really isn't that attractive).

You put Obama and Farrakhan in the same sentence, so you did make a mental association between them.

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mental association?

Yeah, mine was a contrast but presented as a comparison, yours was a comparison without realizing the contrast.

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But you still thought of Farrakhan

I wouldn't have. Just sayin'.

And I stand by my belief that there is very little contrast, other than that Paris Hilton is a lot richer and not at all ambitious.

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Some Weiner comment by PBS talking heads

says he's the typical "celebrity candidate" of today; all glam, no lawmaking or leadership. Yet, 'he was a good bet for NYC Mayor'.

How about Paris / Rhianna? Diverser than Obama. Mentally challenged and minority.

The End Is Near.

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Paul Revere didn't even finish the ride

Prescott did. Let's see. The Old North Church is where the lanterns were placed - one if by land and two if by sea. As for the British are coming - everybody was British back then. Dozens of other riders were out warning as well. She might be shooting and ringing bells but the rebels wanted to keep quiet because there were a lot that were loyal to Great Britain.

I don't know about her history knowledge but her handlers should inform her about where she is going and what to say.


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Thank you. Please keep it up

You'd think the democrats would want Sarah Palin nominated since she hasn't a chance in he11 of winning the election but with the constant reminders from democrats that she's a moron she'll never even get nominated. In that vein perhaps a much more viable candidate will get nominated instead of her. Thank you for your contribution.

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