and never have done, so I am not sure if it is an email client or something else.

You mention files in a Personal Folder. Do you mean emails in a Personal Folder?

If it is an email client for receiving, reading and sending email, is there an option on Lotus' File menu for ''Exporting''?

If you can export them then use that option to save them to a temporary place, eg your My Documents folder, or desktop. Then in Outlook, goto File > Import&Export, select ''Import from another program or file'', and in the next window select Lotus Organiser, (if Lotus Notes is the same as Lotus Organiser). That may even import direct from Lotus and not bother with the exported file you saved.

If that doesn't work, try exporting them from Lotus as Comma Separated Values (Windows), and importing them into Outlook as the same.

But like I say, not knowing what Lotus Notes is, I am in the dark here.

If all else fails, you could email them from Lotus Notes to yourself, and then receive them into Outlook, but that may be impratical if you have a large number.