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Outlook Express - Attachments are lost when received.

I have a computer that is using Outlook Express which brings mail in from a pop email provider. In the particular case I am working on, a coworker (using MS Outlook 2007) sends an email that is 10.2 MB. When this email is received the attachments are gone. According to the progress bar and when you check the size it shows 10.2 MB but the attachments are MIA--OE shows it as not having attachments and no option to save them available. I logged on the the webmail server and the attachments are on the message on the server. I forwarded the message to myself and the attachments come in perfectly (i'm using MS Outlook 2007). I then forwarded the e-mail to the OE user and he was able to open the attachments. I have checked security settings and antivirus software and nothing I can find is conflicting with this. The user that originally sent the message is a contact in the address book and there are no blocks or filters associated with her.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Reporting: Outlook Express - Attachments are lost when received.
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Clarify that please.

I don't have any clues myself, but can you clarify who this is affecting?

You said that a co-worker sends a 10.2MB email, (I assume you mean an email with an attachment that is 10.2MB in size). When it is received....

Received by who?

You then said, you forward the email from the web server to the OE user and he received it and was able to open it. Is this that "co-worker" you mentioned above?

What other testing have you done, eg;

1] Co-worker #1, (the one who sends the email and attachment), sends this to you. Does the attachment get stripped?

2] Same co-worker sends to others. Does the attachment get stripped?

3] You, or another co-worker, sends any email + attachment to the co-worker who did not receive this 10.2MB attachment via pop mail. Does the attachment properly with no problems?

The purpose of this is to isolate the problem. Is it general with all workers, or limited to co-worker #1, or limited to receiving co-worker?

Does the work place use an Exchange server, and if so, is co-worker #1 sending the email + attachment from 'outside' the office? If so, are there any restrictions on attachments from the Exchange server end? (My own office server strips all attachments from outside emails as a security measure).


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Co-worker to Co-worker

The email actually has 5 attachments (10.2 MB total) It is being sent by a co-worker using MS Outlook 2007 to a co-worker with Outlook Express. The e-mail arrives successfully to the webmail server and is in the inbox intact to the recipient, however, when he receives with OE the attachment is not there but the e-mail size is 10.2 MB when it is opened in OE.

We are in the same office building, same network, same webmail host, we all use pop/smtp (no exchange server.)

If I send this e-mail to myself (I olso use Outlook 2007) then from my Outlook '07 inbox, send it to the OE co-worker the attachments are received perfectly so I know it's not a size issue nor a server issue. Everyone's e-mail settings are identical on the webmail server.

The same problem has been reported from two other people another using OE and one using Windows Live Mail.

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Re: Attachments missing is an interesting discussion about the problem. It clearly points to Outlook (2007) as the culprit. shows an older case. That was 'solved' by replacing Outlook Express by Thunderbird.

Let your IT staff contact Microsoft support (assuming they have a contract for Office with support options). Most companies will use Exchange and then this problem might not occur, which explains why it's relatively rare.
It doesn't seem to be something you can solve yourself.

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Culprit not Certain

The forums you sent me did offer a fix that seemed to work, however, it didn't give me all the answers I was hoping for.

Here's what happened. With the co-worker that is running outlook '07, I changed the mail send format to plain text and the outlook express co-worker was able to receive the e-mail with attachments successfully (woohoo!)
The kicker is I am running outlook '07 and the outlook express co-worker received the same e-mail from me successfully in HTML format.

Doesn't make sense to me but for now it fixed the problem. I'll work on the why's now.

Speaking out of ignorance (please excuse me) but I was curious if outlook '07 is sending the e-mail as xhtml since it is the new standard. It is still referred to as html.

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Re: solved

There were different opinions in that thread I linked to. Some said using plain text would help. Others said it wouldn't. Nice to see you tried and it worked for you.

I've never looked inside such a corrupted mail. So I can't tell you why. And probably even if I did I couldn't tell you.


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Unexplained solution

I recently had this issue with a user who was able to receive the attachments from nearly any mail handler on any platform, but Outlook Express was stripping the attachment. The issue was resolved by removing the auto-completed address and retyping the email address. The attachments were delivered.

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