It's not quite clear what you mean by "consolidate all my emails" into Outlook Express but if you mean you want all of your Outlook Web Access mail messages to be sent to Outlook Express, then no, it doesn't really work like a POP3 mail client. At least I've never seen it done as you want.

Outlook Web Access allows domain users ONLY to remotely access the mail Exchange server which resides at your work location.. Generally, it requires a domain level username and password.. Basically, it's a user interface to view your email server at work and not really an email client on your machine.. As such, you can't really "connect" to the server using your Outlook Express program unless given specific domain level access using something like a VPN or such. Even then, I don't believe Outlook Express has options for an Exchange server account.

Theoretically though, if you had remote access to the domain, plus the correct server name and appropriate domain user/password, you could use a Microsoft Outlook program (not OE) to view your work Exchange mail. One problem though.. When you set up an Exchange server email, you would need to also set up other POP3 accounts on the same Outlook client and I've never had BOTH POP3 and EXchange running on the same client.. I'm not sure it works like that, especially in Outlook Express which doesn't work with MS Exchange.

Hope this helps.