I'm going to write "no". But my ongoning battle with many machines is that people continue to preview and open email that they are not expecting. There are far too many pests that creep in via email than I can cope with. So here's my pandemic cure...

1. Look at OL2000 BACKUP (or OL2002 BACKUP) on google.com to read how Microsoft suggests to backup and restore. If you make up your own backup, then you get to deal with restore.

2. Look up the Office Removal Wizard from Microsoft's ORK (Office Resource Kit) to wipe all Office components. Reinstall Outlook and turn off the preview, reinstall your antivirus so it hooks up with Outlook again and then restore the Outlook data.

In closing, you didn't detail when the .PST and such files are, so I can't tell if some permissions are at issue. Your IT should know this and it's their world to support.