Ordering the RIGHT HD & Win 7 (64) for a SONY Vaio SVE17122C

Vaio support contacted me saying Win 10 was available for my exact model, SVE17122CXB 10+/- days later I downloaded & installed it. I lost all my Win XP Pro files. Twenty days later the Vaio CRASHED. SONY will be GLAD to charge me, but won't even acknowledge responsibility for the problem. They blame MS.

I tried RECOVERY now everything is GONE again and Win. 8 seems to be half working i.e. no drivers, no browser, etc.

I NEED, urgently, to find a compatible replacement HD for the SVE17122CXB / SVE171E12L, so I can 'try' to recover files etc. and Win 7 64bit OS so I can start again!

I have time SENSITIVE files I've got to access ASAP. I was 'ready' to order a HD & Win 7 - 64, but I was WARNED installing an incompatible HD will DELAY me even MORE.



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Reporting: Ordering the RIGHT HD & Win 7 (64) for a SONY Vaio SVE17122C
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There are now hundreds of "right" drives. shows us the 2TB model but from this we can glean that any SATA Laptop 9.5mm high drive will work.

And the newer 7mm drives work too (I just installed one in a Sony) with the usual shim they ship with the drive.

This means that there are way too many "RIGHT" drives to choose from.

How about a nice SSD?

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THANKS for the RAPID positive replies! Now more questions
FIRST, THANKS to ALL for the PROMPT replies! I will NOT again waste my time posting in/on SONY forums!

R Proffitt,

Please excuse-forgive my lack of knowledge/understanding, the SONY info identifies the HDD as, Sony VAIO SVE17122CXB 7mm 500GB Serial ATA-2.6 5400RPM HDD, the drives I found all are labeled SATA, dare I assume SATA is an acronym for Serial ATA? That would be a RELIEF to know!

You named many. Am I to understand the installed (or downloaded and reinstalled driver will WORK with any/all of them?

Supposedly all files are backed up on our network backup, but if-when one does NOT know how to find NOR 'recover' them, I guess my 'investment' may have been better spent?

Since the laptop did not come with any restore or other software, how does one restore/reinstall without losing the data - files on the current HD.

IF I should AND CAN get back to a stable (working) Win 8 version, without losing the data, a link to and/or a 'REINSTALL for DUMMIES' would be the fastest!

ANY 'n ALL additional guidance - HELP will be ever SO HELPFUL.

Again, THANKS!
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Let's say you wanted a 500GB HDD for this one.

Here's the model from Amazon I used just last month on the Sony I noted.

As to the dummies version there is no such site. Installing the Windows OS is one thing but what if the person wanted the wifi, audio and more to work? That is where all those drivers and apps come in and each laptop differs a little so no "step by step" exists. Only guides.

That's why restore media wins this round. Sony when you got your laptop would have you create these or if you opt out, order them later. Since a trip to a repair counter will cost about 150 plus the restore media or a full license copy of Windows, the restore media is the cheap exit.

--> BUT THERE IS ONE OTHER EXIT WORTH TRYING. If you upgraded to 10, you could just reinstall 10 and hope it's newer driver system just works. Here's a note on how to create the 10 install stick or disc.

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And now what is the "RIGHT" WIn 7.

That would be the restore media for your model. Installing Windows 7 means far too much work for average folk. That is, just last month I did a clean install on another Sony model VAIO VGN-NW240F/T and not only did I have to get all the drivers but a handful of apps from Sony to get it to work properly. That took about a day so the restore media would have it done in about a hour.

Imagine folk that are new to installing Windows? They would end up with a half working laptop.

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Re: Windows
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About loss of files, etc.

The discussion about loss has been kicked around for decades now. No PC maker has yet to be successfully sued for loss of your files or much else. Backup is the only way to keep from losing our stuff. There are folk that dismiss backups for many reasons but eventually it happens and then they are looking to discuss how it's Sony's or someone's fault for the loss.

Backup has been discussed since the early days even back to the days before the printing press. starts us with our culture recognizing how important the copies were about the 10th century.

Much progress was made and now I can backup what's important to me in about 20 minutes to another location.

"We only lose what we don't backup."

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