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Opinions of Maxent 42'' HDTV Plasma (MX-42XM11) at Best Buy

by gmh_in_mclean_va / June 27, 2005 4:24 AM PDT

This is one of those, ''it costs so much less than everything else, there must be something wrong with it '' dilemmas.

The features and picture look OK at first glance to me, but It is only ~$1,900 the price is great but I am wondering if the low price = low quality.

Anyone own, know or, or have experience with the Maxent 42'' HDTV Plasma MX-42XM11?


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I bought one and...
by Ramerjamer / July 15, 2005 6:41 AM PDT

The picture is fine especially with hd signal.
However, the remote is very basic ( you cannot use the up/down button to scroll channels, which isn't a problem really, for me as I have a cable box.)
The cable box on the other hand is a problem as Charter Cable doesn't have a box that supports a DVI cable connection, (Only Component Video) and you CAN NOT alter the format to panorama, zoom1 or zoom2, Aspect ratios when using Component video input ONLY 16:9 or 4:3. In other words, there is black bars on both sides of screen except when recieving HD sig., also if you wish to use comp. video with your DVD and watch a wide screen movie, you will have black bars on top and bottom as well as sides. (I had to switch to less desirable S-video cable to fix.)
If your cable, or satalite provider has a box with dvi capabilities, then I recomend the maxent HD tv.
(for the price)
If not, then I think I would look eleswhere.

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? on HDMI
by rumblej / August 6, 2005 12:27 PM PDT
In reply to: I bought one and...

I noticed on the Maxtent website that this monitor MX-42X3 if it is the same one as Costco has an HDMI input and my HD cablebox has an HDMI output - will this solve the 4:3 dilemma experienced with the composite(I get the same thing on my 30" LCD - had to run a separate cable for the non HD channels to get the panorama to work)


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by Ramerjamer / August 16, 2005 10:45 AM PDT
In reply to: ? on HDMI

John, You tell me!
I havent a clue.
I have called Charter, they told me that in the future they would be up-grading to hdtv users specs, but refused to give ne a date. <shurg>

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Yes it does.
by Norm3 / August 31, 2005 4:53 AM PDT
In reply to: ? on HDMI

It has HDMI.

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Sorry wrong model.
by Norm3 / August 31, 2005 4:57 AM PDT
In reply to: Yes it does.

The MX-42X3 has a HDMI.

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dvd settings
by editboy--2008 / August 8, 2005 7:29 AM PDT
In reply to: I bought one and...

I had a similar problem until I remembered to change the setting on my DVD player and Direct tv. Both had a setting asking what the tv aspect ratio is. Once I set that I didn't get the black bars on the side for 16x9. Also don't forget that there are different ratios for film that will give you black on top and bottom. The remote doesn't have channel and volume buttons because it is a monitor not TV in other words it doesn't have a tuner. And its not designed as a universal remote.

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About dvd settings...
by Ramerjamer / August 9, 2005 5:20 AM PDT
In reply to: dvd settings

I have the maxent mx-42xm11 model and it doesn't support screen stretching or pip using componant video cables, only with a dvi connection. Charter cable in my area only issues the scientific atlanta 3100 hd box which doesnt support hdmi or dvi cables. (neither does my dvd player... time to get one that does.) HDTV channels in 16:9 with the componant cables looks REALLY great, but when I watch anything in 4:3 I have to switch to s-video to get full screen. Thats what I wanted to tell people to check with cable or satalite co's to find out if they support hdmi, or dvi connections ( I was told by Charter in my area that at some point they WILL change boxes)
About the tv, I have had mine now for over 2 months and the hdtv picture looks as good as the day I first turned it on. and I have no regrets at all.
thanks for listening

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Really hate To Rain On Anyone's Parade But....
by Psych Doc / July 15, 2005 1:15 PM PDT

...I saw them at Best Buy today and they were pathetic. Washed out colors, essentially no black retention, detail was poor. Absolutely worthless. Even their salesperson told me in semi-confidence that they were garbage.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra $$$ and get a set you'll be happy with 5 years from now.

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Judge on your own....
by ssreek / July 16, 2005 4:11 AM PDT

I think this is a best buy for the $$$ tag.

At the store, there is no incentives for the guys to promote this product, and you may usually find discouragement if you seek suggestions.

Try this, when you look at the MAxent, adjust the color, contrast, brightness and tone. You will be surprised to see the quality close to other high end priced TV's. Obviuosly there is some difference, but IMHO its comprable to the price $$ you pay. Dont know why at the store they always dont adjust the TV's of this price range to its best.

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so true
by Dave Flores / August 2, 2005 1:18 AM PDT
In reply to: Judge on your own....

I 100% agree abut the settings. Yes, when you play with the settings of the cheaper Plasmas you get much better results. I too, wonder why they have them set-up so poorly in the stores.

And I too am debating which Plasma to buy for my newly completed home thatre. The Maxent definitely looks good, but I've got to confess that some of the cheaper EDTV models look real good too. I plan on using this mostly for DVDs, so I'm not sure how much I'd gain from getting an HDTV plasma.

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Maxent MX-42X3
by waynabq / August 2, 2005 2:52 PM PDT
In reply to: so true

I just bought this model two days ago and I paid $1999 and when we first got it, the picture on it didn't look very good with regular analog TV signal (NTSC). There were several presets to adjust the picture, vivid, cinema, normal and user.

We weren't happy with any of the presets and tweaked the settings manually with the user setting, this made a substantial difference in picture quality. But the picture still wasn't all that great.

Then we switched to the HD Discovery Channel from our DirectTV receiver and WOW, the picture was incredible. The over-the-air HD stations looked really good too but the HD channels from the DirectTV were by far the best. Extremely impressive picture quality.

Some users don't realize that the type of signal going into the plasma is the key to picture quality. For some reason, Costco uses regular analog signals on their display HDTVs.

Costco is going to have a sale, $300 dollars off the MX-42's original $1999 price, starting Aug 8-14th.
This model is classified as an HDTV, 1024x768 versus an EDTV resolution of 852x480. The MX-42X3's resolution is still not true HD (1920x1080)but its still noticeably better than ED.

We've been pretty happy with ours so far and the great thing about buying from Costco is their very liberal return policy and 30 day price refund, so we're going to recover our $300.

We're giving this set a thumbs up. For the price/resolution and ultimately, picture quality, I haven't found anything better and I've looked at a lot of different plasma models. Good luck finding the one you want.

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Costco coupon??
by jgreen13 / August 4, 2005 4:11 AM PDT
In reply to: Maxent MX-42X3

waynabq, where did you get the Costco coupon for $300 off the Maxent? I just saw this one at Costco today and was impressed, would be more likely to get it for $1699!

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Coupon Costco
by rumblej / August 6, 2005 11:12 AM PDT
In reply to: Costco coupon??

They are giving it out at the door - I am going to try an HDMI to DVI converter on my current 30" LCD - same problem - the composite only gives 4:3 on non HD channels - the box I have has HDMI so I will let you know what happems with the setup. If it works I may get this TV - cant beat 1699


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Costco Maxent 42"
by frankie8acres / August 7, 2005 11:41 AM PDT
In reply to: Coupon Costco

I've been looking at Costco for a while, this TV that is going on sale tomorrow has a very impressive look, and with their retuen policy, I don't know how you can go wrong.

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Costco Maxent
by jgreen13 / August 8, 2005 6:24 AM PDT
In reply to: Costco Maxent 42"

Went today and got the coupon, and they had a big stack of these right at the entrance. If I buy it will be Sat. as we have a tax holiday in Mass. If anyone gets one please post a brief review... I am a bit leary of purchasing an "off-brand", but like you said, the return policy is great.

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side-by-side PiP???
by joetad / August 8, 2005 11:21 AM PDT
In reply to: Costco Maxent

Hey guys. To those of you that have bought this, does it have standard picture-in-picture or also "side-by-side" PIP (aka picture-outside-picture). Thanks! I'm probably gonna buy this from Costco....PoP would just be an added bonus!

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at Costco. MX-42X3 was made in June of 2005 info!
by frankie8acres / August 8, 2005 1:53 PM PDT
In reply to: Costco Maxent 42"

Call tech support today, the site for this TV is

Left mess., and to my surprise the guy called me back, and said this is their newest TV out. He spoke well of it, and said they put a lot of work into making a nice one. I tried to buy 3 of them, and got 1 before they closed, the rest were up in the racks. Gonna go try and get 2 more tomorrow. Used the 300 off coupon.

Here is some info I found on another site, guys, check it out.

FYI For those questioning the Maxent name, the MX-42X3 uses the same OEM Samsung PDP panel used by many other OEMs in their high end plasma products . The PDP in this Maxent is the Samsung S42AX-XB02 which is the successor to the popular S42AX-XB01 found in the Toshiba 42HP83, 42HP84, Panasonic TH 42PHD7UY, and the Philips Ambilight 42PF9966/37 among others.

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by rumblej / August 10, 2005 12:50 PM PDT

Thanks for taking the time to do the research are absolutly correct... this one holds it's own against the "name" brands. (see post at the bottom)
John in Central Florida

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Costco coupon for $300 off the Maxent?
by jcrobso / August 9, 2005 12:55 AM PDT
In reply to: Costco coupon??

Yes good thru Saturday I belive, maybe Sunday.
I was at Costco last night, looked at this unit.
One thing to keep in mind is that the is a HD MONITOR ONLY it does not have ANY TV tuners in it at all.
The demo was feed Dish Network HD signal so it looked good.
The Dish Nerwork 811 HD reciver also has a OTA HD TV tuner in it would great with it. I think Direct TV has HD also.
There were handing the coupons out at the door at my Costco. John

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by seneschal / August 10, 2005 2:39 PM PDT

It's good through Sunday, August 14, 2005.

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At the cashiers'
by seneschal / August 10, 2005 9:55 AM PDT
In reply to: Costco coupon??

At least at the stores in California they usually have a stack of them behind every cash register, near the packing area.

They probably won't even ask you for it, the cashiers usually keep the coupons from previous customers and will just scan for you if you ask.

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Maxent 42 MX3 Color Setting Issues?
by ddelnero / August 11, 2005 2:45 AM PDT
In reply to: Maxent MX-42X3

I alsl recently bought the Maxent plasma at Costco for the really nice price of $1999 minus the $300 discount. I am running a Hughes DirecTV HD Receiver Model HIRD - E86. I am running the Components into the unit and everything looks wonderful. Very crisp and clean picture. It is the 1080i setting. I also have a DVR running into the AV1 input. That looks pretty good too. The one issue I am having a lot of trouble with is the color settings from the HD receiver to the Plasma. The color is horrible. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this as well. I have tried adjusting the panel and can't seem to get it correct. What is strange is that the DVR feed color into my AV1 is fine. Does anyone have any advice? Is it my HD receiver or is it the Maxent plasma limitations for HD 1080i feed?

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by baseballfan / August 11, 2005 4:06 PM PDT

I just got one and This is on the heels of a 50 inch LCD and I really like it, I to had to adjust the colors but I took the color setting to 30-35 from the default 50 and its made the picture really good.

I ve watched MLB and tonights GB san diego game in HD and its awesome. I think once you tweek it its really good for the Price.

Are there Better Out there? Im sure there are but Im pretty certain that the difference between this TV and Lets say the Pioneer is far less than the difference from LCD to Plasma or Rear project or DLP.

Bottom line is with a Costco gaurantee and a 1699 price tag, its worth trying .

One minor complaint. My Directv remotes dont recognize Maxent. so I have to buy a ubiversal it appears

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Maxent MX-42X3 defective on arrival
by smandar / August 19, 2005 1:06 PM PDT
In reply to: Maxent MX-42X3

I bought Maxent MX-42X3 from costco on a raincheck - the were really short in supply

The onboard sound amplifier doesnt work very well. Tried all adjustments , intermittently the audio level changes
It has 3 settings sound off/stereo and mono and Surround on for stereo . an internal volume control from the amp etc , tried to powercycle the TV , and fiddle with the remote.
Tried AV1 and AV2 inputs - doesnt work . Also the audio out doesnt work ( with the ouput of my wireless headphones)

Very frustrating - Ultimately i hv sound working with my cable box connecting to my audio system bypassing the amp in the TV monitor.

The Remote is not Universal ( Costco didnt hv the remote on display )

The Plasma display is good but overall - its a disaster .
I am really wondering if I should keep it or return it as the Warranty is not on-site.

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Got it. Great Deal!
by Dave Flores / August 29, 2005 5:13 AM PDT
In reply to: Maxent MX-42X3

Well I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Immediately ran out to buy a Samsung DVD 850 with the HDMI output. Also bought a 25 foot DVI cable and a HDMI to DVI converter so I could hook the HDMI DVD Player up to the DVI Plasma screen. Spent about $300 on the player, cable and converter.

All in all I'm very pleased with this setup. DVD images are extremely crisp. There's none of that ugly artifacting you see on the Plasma screens that are on display in these stores (it's so awful you wonder how they sell any).

All in all, including cables, the DVD player and the Plasma screen I'm out less than $3000, which is what bottom of the barrell EDTV Plasma screens used to go for just a little while back.

Definitely very pleased!

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Sam dilemma
by walter66 / August 15, 2005 3:18 AM PDT
In reply to: so true

I am haveing the same problem. Doi go with the Maxent HDTV from Costco or the a EDTV Panasonic from Costco which has a great pic when using it on Direct TV with no HDTV hookup.
What did you land up buying in the end?

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by Dave Flores / August 29, 2005 5:41 AM PDT
In reply to: Sam dilemma

I went with the Best Buy HDTV Maxent. Sitting side by side you can definitely tell the difference between HDTV and EDTV. HDTV is the way to go.

Don't regret the decision at all.

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by jcrobso / August 9, 2005 1:31 AM PDT

" Best Buy today" " Even their salesperson "
Any time Im looking at a TV I go over the settings myself.
Lets see if you were BB salesmen and wanted to sell the $5000 sets you might change the settings on the $2000 sets so they looked bad. If have gotten many salesmen upset over the years buy resetting TVs to best picture so I could compare with another set. One time a BB slaesman told me not to do that and I said I want to talk to the store manager and he left me alone.
Salesmen like our "Sears TV Guy" are few and far between.
Most BB sales peopls are full of bull feathers. But this is just my opinion. John

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COSTCO MX-42VM11 vs Best Buy MX-42XM11
by NSD064 / August 10, 2005 7:28 AM PDT
In reply to: BB

Are these two different animals? The MX-42VNII is advertised as HD by COSTCO but everywhere else it is called ED. The MX-42M11 is called HD everywhere. The difference is that the the COSTCO model is 852 x 450 pixels and the Best Buy model is 1024 x 768 pixels. Is this "FALSE ADVERTISING" by COSTCO?

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Hey I just bought this puppy @ Costco and it is an MX -42X3
by rumblej / August 10, 2005 12:45 PM PDT

I moved and left behind my 46'' Sony projection which had a phenominal HD picture.I was jones'n for that bigger screen. I just hooked this up to the Comcast Motorola DCT 4612 HD DVR Box. I am using the HDMI feed and the picture is as good as the Sony, The sidebars on the non HD channels was easily remedied by hooking up S-video on the Aux as the feed for the non HD channels- The picture on the s-video is crisp and clear and you can use the usual panorama, zoom and wide settings to fill the screen. Bear in mind this is with the default picture settings. It may not be perfect, but as the previous post said - same components- different name and out the door with tax for under $1900 I can live with that.

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