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Dec 4, 2008 3:38PM PST

"Operating Systems"
by stochasticdna - 12/4/08 9:28 PM
Hi all, newbie here

I just purchased an HP G60 125NR Notebook PC. It came with Vista. All the bad things I've head about Vista I just ignored until I got this laptop I have now.

First, the laptop works fine, I attribute 50% of the problems I have with my not being familiar with Vista and not really wanting to learn how to use it. I do know how to turn on a PC as well as a laptop. With that said, I attempted activate the 60 day free trial of MS 2007 and I repeatedly got the message that my activation number key was incorrect. On the bottom of this computer there is a sticker that has a bunch of numbers on it, one set of numbers says "Product Key" and it is 5 sets of 5 alfa-numeric characters. I was instructed to key in the activation key and that it would be 25 characters...duh.

I?m not saying I am perfect, but it would be pretty hard to goof up, and I did not think that I goofed it up. But I did just that, let me explain. When I purchased my Dell I was living with someone else in 2002 and they had internet service, so I did not register or activate my XP version. I don?t recall activating via the net because I didn?t have internet service and only got online after I got my own place 2 years later, During that time I sent out resumes and worked with PhotoImpact and whatever else I could with this computer. So naturally when I got this new laptop, I read the instructions and plugged it up and wal-la no trial version access- @#$%^&*-ability. It never occurred to me that in order to activate the trial version I should have been hooked up to the net. This is what I?m assuming because Microsoft assumes everyone that has a laptop or a PC is naturally hooked up to the net just like Adobe. It dawned on me after I could not activate the trial version that maybe I have to be hooked up to the internet. I was thinking about getting Adobe and saw this on Adobe?s site:
What happens during activation?
When a customer installs an Adobe software product that requires activation, versions of software released since June 2008 (including Adobe

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Sorry. LOCKED!
Dec 4, 2008 7:52PM PST

The Mac OS runs on Apple hardware. Maybe there is some hack or other device to hack such but just like pirate copies of XP, Vista this is not a subject we discuss here.


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Alternative Operating Systems
Dec 5, 2008 1:15AM PST

As R. Proffitt said, the Mac OS is locked to Apple hardware and can't be run on standard Dell, HP, Compaq, or any other PC. The Linux OS would be possible, although that's not a topic covered here. Just to get you started, look up Ubuntu on Google. Ubuntu is a good Linux distribution for beginners to Linux.