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Opening of Double Browsers in XP (both IE & Google Chrome).

Ever since I loaded MS-IE-8, I have found that '2' copies of IE open in Task Manager... I run a DELL-D800 (yes 7yrs old) w/ XP-sp3 and 1Gig RAM.
With IE open twice - it is using upto .8Gig of RAM (not acceptable).

Today (2010/04/02)I tried Google Chrome instead of IE - the first time it opened with only one copy in TskMgr - the second time it too now has 2 copies open...

It went from blazing fast to as slow or slower than IE... And all the problems with IE are now returning with Chrome...

What is causing this? Virus? Bug? Normal process?


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Reporting: Opening of Double Browsers in XP (both IE & Google Chrome).
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The use of RAM exploded recently.

You may want to avoid any browser from 2010 and beyond as today's writes count on 4GB machines, 64 bit OSes and more to push up the speed for their apps. You are sitting on a 10 year old (actually it's much older than that) so you must guard against the latest craziest softwares and be ready to roll your system back to when you liked it best.

There is no sign this trend will abate.

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I guess this is normal then...

Thanks Bob for the info...

I do know that there is a big discrepancy with my laptop and far more modern systems. I hope to change that this year at some point.

My real concern is/was this is not a normal process "Double Browsers".
IF it is normal fine... If it is not normal - that is what I need to know!

I am inferring from your response that IE &/or Google Chrome opening 2 copies of their pgms in TskMgr is a normal process and I need to get used to it VS. I have a virus or malware issue with my computer..

sigh... progress marches on...

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Let me tip my hand.

I'm authoring apps in Visual Studio 2008 and it's all about the threads. I have to painstakingly be careful or else the app exposes the other threads of the app in task manager or even on the task bar. I can't escape this as folk want apps that are able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

That other or duplicate may be IE doing some work in the background.

Again we are talking about a sea change from days long ago where you would code to fit into as little memory as possible. Today we could pick the smallest machine on the shelf and find netbooks with dual (albeit virtual) core CPUs, 1GB RAM to your average other machine to come with 3 to more GB RAM and maybe more cores than we have fingers.

What this means is that to use our aging gear we have to be diligent. We might have to pass up on the latest IE or such.

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Where abouts are you seeing 2 copies

of IE, is it on the Applications tab or the Processes tab in Task Manager?
I would expect to see 2 copies of the process iexplore.exe on the Processes tab but only if I were running a dual core cpu system.
I hardly think you would have a dual core cpu in a 7 year old computer. I have 4 PCs running XP, vista, & win7, 3 have dual core CPUs and IE8 and those 3 show 2 entries in processes for iexplore.exe.
The 1 with a single core CPU has IE7 and only shows 1 copy of iexplore.exe. To satisfy my own curiosity I will update that one to IE8 and check if it has 2 copies, I'll post the result later today.

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Wrong conclusion

It's not the dual core CPU it's the multi tabbing of IE.
IE7 handles multi tabbing by allocating additional memory to a single process for each additional tab that is opened. IE8 starts with 2 processes and creates an addition process for each additional tab, so the answer to your question is yes it is normal.
You also floated the idea that it might have an effect on the performance of your system but from the figures it appears that IE8 even with multiple processes reqires less memory to run than IE7 did.
It's possible that changes in other areas are effecting performance.
Going back to your original post, where did the .8gig of ram come from, the two IE8 processes with only my homepage showing on 1 tab have a combined Private Working Set of 39MB.

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Wow... Thanks for the effort!!

Really appreciate the effort you went to on this... Glad to hear that it is a 'normal' process of IE-8...

I like to use Facebook for several different purposes.. When I am in FB, I find my system doing a great deal of swapping - to be expected of a laptop w/ only 1Gig RAM.

To satisfy my curiosity I would open Task Manager and see what all was running and why. That is where I have found IE-8 to be a true system hog. The 1st copy (I am assuming the unused tab) is a mere 4.2Meg-4.5Meg. The copy running my FB tab will expand to literally 885Meg before it "crashes" and "recovers" the tab - this will drop it to a mere 200-350Meg, where it starts to grow again)...

Sigh... I suppose it is time to enter the 21st century... Happy

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You're very welcome

I just did another comparison with the same facebook page playing a video clip open on two machines the figures were:- on XP with IE7 showed 54% CPU usage and 90.5MB, vista with IE8 on a 2 core cpu showed 3% cpu usage and 53MB.
High CPU usage and tight memory can both effect performance.
Good luck with choosing a new machine.

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