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In Feb 2009, Marianna Schmuldich gave several suggestions for removing whatever malware was blocking sites for "chad1950". I have tried almost all the suggestions with no luck (Trend professional, superantispyware, malwarebytes, and spybot search), cleaned my temp files. I did not understand the information about host files.

I have Windows XP on a Dell, and use IE 8. When I try to access my church's website, I get a message that site may be a phishing site. Other members are not having this problem so it must be my computer.

In the 2+ years since this topic was first addressed, any new info to help me get rid of it?

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Reporting: hacked me
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Some questions and observations

1. 2009 was 2009. That is acient history. This is 2011, things have changed on the internet drastically since then.
2. OpenDNS does not hack people, actually it is a safer way to surf. Why do you think they hacked you?
3. Is the fact that you can not access your churches website, the only reason why you think you have been hacked or makes you think that you have malware? WHO gives you the message that your church site might be a phishing site? IE8? Your antivirus ? OpenDNS? Has this been happeing for 2 years?

Please give us some more information so whoever helps you has something more to go on.

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DNS "service" I don't want....

I am the only person in my congregation who cannot access the page. The problem just started. When I try to access the page, I am directed to the following link :

The message on ths page is as follows:

The URL you tried to load:
Phishing Site Blocked
Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to get you to provide
personal information under false pretenses.
We prevented you from loading this page as part of our safer, faster, and smarter DNS service. Learn more about this free service...
Think this site is not phishing? Tell us why and we'll review.

Powered by OpenDNS. Customize the way OpenDNS works for you with a free account.

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Message:

OpenDNS: Terms | Privacy | Contact

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I get the same message if I click

on the church website link. 2 possiblities, either OpenDNS is wrong, which is possible but rare or the church's website has been hacked, perhaps with their knowledge.

I would do 2 things.

1. Report to OpenDNS where it says "tell us why".
2. Report this to the church'swebmaster and have them check it out also.

If I put that site into Google, then WOT (Web of Trust) also gives it a red which tells me that OpenDNS is correct when they tell you it is a phishing link.

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(NT) I meant to say "without their knowledge" sorry for the typo
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Here is what WOT says about that site
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Additional redirects
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I did both

I reported it to the church, and no one else is having this problem. I replied to the "tell us why" and have neither received a response nor has the situation changed.

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Seeing as BOTH OpenDNS and WOT

report that website as bad, I would say the chances are pretty good that there is some sort of problem with the website. I can not access it either and from what both of those are saying, I would not want to anyway. I don't want to take a chance infecting my own computer, sorry.

How long ago did you report it to OpenDNS? I am sure they are busy and it may take a while them a while to give you an explanation.

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Don't know anything about WOT

Wouldn't you expect to get the same message I did if you clicked on the link I sent? The one that is the redirect? If you type the address, do you get the DNS message or the church's site?

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I use OpenDNS also so I get the same message that

you do as I stated before. Also as I said before WOT also does not like that church's website and I highly doubt the both OpenDNS and WOT are wrong.

You can learn more about WOT here

There is a version for both IE and Firefox. It is a MUST have IMO.

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Thanx for the info

Thanks for your opinions, and I can understand your reluctance to access a site that software you trust cautions against. So two more questions... 1) how did I get dns? I have been accessing the site for a couple months with no new software programs before this started. 2) Since I disagree with it/them, how do I override it/them?

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How to overwrite

Use another DNS than OpenDNS. For example the default DNS that your ISP supplies you.


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Getting closer to an answer...

Sorry.... your answer was beyond my computer knowledge. I don't know how I got this DNS, so I don't know how to inactivate it and/or "choose" another one. Can you be more specific, please?

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If you or anyone else that uses the computer

did not change the DNS settings on the computer then it is very possible that your ISP uses OpenDNS (Many do because it is safer). I would call them and explain the situation and ask what their DNS settings are.

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