open source for LT27A300


I have a monitor/TV LT27A300 and would like to have the open source software for it.

I've tried to google for it but couldn't find. Can someone please give me a pointer?


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Reporting: open source for LT27A300
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Clarification Request
I see no computer in that one.
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In fact there is a Linux computer inside the monitor

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, let's proceed slowly to see if you can understand me.

The LT27A300 is, in fact and in itself, a computer which is driven by an ARM cpu. This computer (inside the monitor), runs an operating system which is Linux. I can see this by placing a serial terminal on the "Service" connector, unlocking the "Top Debug Menu" and, from there execute a shell.

So, by using Linux, the manufacturer is obliged by the GPL license to disclose the source of the software, or proving that it is proprietary.

So, that's what I'm asking for, the opensource of the software that drives this monitor.

I hope I have made myself clear.


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You'll have to demand that from Samsung

Also along with how to do this. Frankly with Rasberry Pi giving us many more options for so little, why lose time chasing this one?

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As they say, curiosity makes the world go around.

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Which I bet you will for a long time.

While you can demand and get the source, they are under NO OBLIGATION to reveal how to alter, compile and install it.

I've seen folks go down this path and they often end up upset, lashing out at everyone after they figure out they were had.

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Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your concerns.

However, I never said I wanted to alter, compile or install it, let alone that Samsung helps me to do so.

In fact, I just want to see it, as it is my right according to the license that Samsung accepted by using it in one of their products. Furthermore, this is public property (open source, remember?), and I'm part of the public, so it's mine also.

I don't believe Samsung acting the way you predict, mainly due to the good image they want to preserve on all of us. After all, we are the makers of their profits and success.

In case you don't know, there's a site where they publish the open source programs they use but, unfortunately, the LT27A300 isn't published. The site is:


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I'm very familar with open source.

I've been using Linux since version 0.0.3. Along the way I run into a lot of folk that make demands and for what. Feel free to push it with Samsung but at the end, why bother? It's not like you'll turn this monitor into a computer.

Why not learn about Linux on say a Rasberry?

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Raspberry is not a TV

Because a Raspberry does not play TV.

Who said I want to learn Linux?

This is turning a long lasting conversation. I'm curious to know who's going to hang up Happy


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Not me.

I've been at this since version 0.0.3.

My bet is that the Linux inside is not playing the video. Most of the time there's a little CPU orchestrating the subsystems.

Should be interesting to hear what you get from Samsung on this.

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Where's the TV part?
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Monitor + Tuner = TV

Yes, that's the one. I wonder why Samsung calls it a monitor because it does everything a TV needs to do. Marketing strategy perhaps.

Just open the user manual and read on the cover: Led TV Monitor.

If you have doubts, just scroll some pages down and see the procedures to tune the channels, so on...

It has an MStar SOC with all the functions plus an ARM cpu inside it.

Thank you for the enjoyable conversation, I'm going to bed now, hoping that tomorrow someone will help me on this "curiosity".


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It's not on the main page.

And I found no manual in English so I didn't

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Confusing Bob.

Looks like a PC monitor to me.

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To Dafydd

It's not on the home page I noted but inside the user manual.

The page I had was missing the Antenna input too.

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To Bob.

Seems like a monitor with tuner built in. His latest post gives a link.

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I found this Bob.

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HDTV Tuner = Yes

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