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open question: What if - Google bought the NFL?...

wow...that could be VERY interesting...

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Reporting: open question: What if - Google bought the NFL?...
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Start with MLB

They could search for steroids. Sorry for the bad attempt at a joke. It's still early.

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:) aahhhh yes...

yeah, starting a search for steroids with the NFL might overload their system... Happy

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They could search for steroids hah, thats pretty good actually.

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NFL would revert to AFL beta .093

Players would have a different ad on their clothing .
The first 16 games would be beta (exhibitions) with the last 4 counting.
Each week would have a different sponsor.
Every diagrammed play would be copywrited.
A group of online voter sthat could come up with the best algorithms would decide the super bowl winner.

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It would be a sign.

That Google had jumped the shark. When they do buy the NFL it would be too late to sell your stock. The collapse would already have happened.

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Why would the owners sell? The NFL doesn't seem to have a problem making money. It's an idiotic statement to suggest from someone who does probably knows more about Warcraft than sports leagues.

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Let me help you with that.

If you don't understand the post, then you are not really in a postion to call it idiotic unless your goal is to resemble the remark.

Let me help you with translating the post.
First use your net skills and look up Jumped the Shark. Use quotes around "Jumped the Shark".

Now you know it means it's a sign of the end.

The end of the NFL? Um. No, the topic was Google and what if they bought the NFL. Not if the NFL's owners would sell. If Google bought the NFL. If as in WHAT IF? Got it? Good.

Why would Google buy the NFL? The only thing Google knows about football is that sports fans use Google to look things up. If they wanted to buy a team as a Vanity item like other bazillionaires like to do, well...there is room in the NFL, AFL and other sports for them to do so. But nope, that's not the topic.

For google to buy NFL and proclaim it was a wise and wonderful purchase and the synergies will sustain Google and allow it to grow in new dirctions, would merely be a sign that Google has run out of ideas and the growth that makes their stock worth so much is now going to fade away. Googles value then is as a "Cash Cow" (look it up). Cash cows have their uses, but that use is normally Private Equity or other growing companies to harvest the funds to finance their own ventures that are growing and sucking up a lot of cash. I should add that if Google was not viable as a cash cow, then their stock is pretty much worthless and their market capitaliazation is going to drop to about zero (or close enough from where they are now).

I don't expect you to understand much of that but at least you got two new handy terms to Google. But just in case you do, that's what would happen if Google decided to buy the NFL.

This BOL Reality Check Brought to you by RK. Next time play nice.

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