I am locking this thread.

Your post has been alerted to CNET's Admin for them to consider any response. They will be able to unlock this thread if they so wish.

Why lock the thread? The allegation is serious and needs proper consideration. To have the thread open and available to others who are not involved to post their views and/or comments could be detrimental, in my view, to both yourself and John.

If you want to make further comment that is relevant to your post, please either send an Offensive Alert post directed to me, or you can, if you wish, email me directly at

mark DOT flax AT ntlworld DOT com

You will understand why I have formatted my email address in that way, but for others who may read this and do not understand, email address posted in the wild in any forums are susceptible to being picked up by spam robots.

I will not discuss anything with you in any private correspondence. I will simply unlock the thread to make it available to you to make a post. Anything you do tell me will be made available to CNET Admin.

For your further information, Lee is on vacation this week and his duties are being carried out by Marc Bennett. I do not know how long a response, if any, will take.