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Dec 16, 2003 9:11PM PST

I think there was a shopping forum at the old boards, couldn't find one here, wasn't sure where to post.I did some holiday shopping online with great results.Many stores offering free shipping, I have always received the orders within a week.About a month ago(11-20), I ordered a decorative flag, paid with PayPal(cleared the bank the following day), never got the order.I e-mailed the company 4 or 5 times to their various contact addresses to check the status of the shipment, no response from them to any of them. The website is now down, "the account for domain"name"has been suspended.I filed a complaint with PayPal, they are investigating and waiting for a response from the seller.Do you think I'll get my $20 back? It's not the amount, they took the order and accepted the payment, but never sent the purchase, so they actually stole it from me.Is this a common occurrence with online companies? In the future, I'll only order from retailers that I'm familiar with,I might have learned the hard way.Any suggestions as to how I might get my hard-earned money back?I'm going to try the provided phone numbers today,should I also make the request in writing? TIA for any feedback....Jo

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Yes and or no
Dec 16, 2003 10:12PM PST

If you paid with PayPal Credit Card option, you simply contact your credit card company and tell them you were the victim of online fraud. They will credit your account and it is up to the vendor to prove that you owe him money. This is the law in the US, no ifs ands or buts!
If you paid with PayPal Bank Funding option, you are not protected in the same manner. Now you will have to work it out with PayPal and I am not sure what their policy is. I imagine you will find out soon enough!

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PayPal (owned by EBay) has an absurd policy
Dec 16, 2003 10:40PM PST

They have an insurance policy that you can pay for on certain purchases, where you have a window of two weeks to submit your claim. I am not aware if they have a policy regarding non-EBay items. If this were a bank check that you wrote to buy an item, I don't know what recourse (from the bank) you would have after the check clears.
The nice thing about credit cards is the purchase protection in case of fraud, as described in my earlier reply. The protection is NOT afforded todebit card transactions, only credit card.

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Re:Yes and or no
Dec 16, 2003 10:53PM PST

Thank you Larry! I called my bank after reading your post.The purchase through PayPal was made with my checking account card, credit(MC), not debit.They are crediting my account and they will file a complaint/dispute with the vendorfor payment.If they are unable to collect the debt they will contact the credit card company.I wasn't sure if small transactions were protected, I thought it had to be over $50.At least the ball is rolling,will see what happens, thanks for the advice....Jo

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No problem! {NT}
Dec 16, 2003 10:56PM PST