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on-line storage

Dec 4, 2008 2:48AM PST

I recently purchased a seagate external drive and found out that it no longer supports on-line storage. I know there are tons of sites that offer on-line storage but I do not know which one to use. Can anyone offer any advise?

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Dec 9, 2008 10:15AM PST

A Free solution is

1GB Free Storage
SSL Encryption
999mb File Size Uploads
Email files to anyone
Link files, Put files on your website
Easy to use interface

They also offer paid storage which you get much more storage space, but 1GB is a pretty large amount. I like it because of the SSL-256bit Encryption standard, most sites charge for that =/

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live sync
Dec 9, 2008 12:00PM PST

I use syncplicity. MS is coming out with a new service, based on "Foldershare", called "Windows Live Sync". It'll be out soon. Here's the email I got about it:

We're contacting you to let you know what's next for FolderShare, and to make you aware of some important changes.

In December, we plan to announce a product called Windows Live Sync. You can think of it as FolderShare 2.0. It's going to look familiar and offer the same great features, plus:

* More folders and files?sync up to 20 folders with 20,000 files each.
* Integration with Windows Live ID?no more extra sign-in stuff to remember.
* Integration with the Recycle Bin?no more separate Trash folder to fiddle with.
* Unicode support?sync files in other languages.

A huge part of Sync's success story depends on FolderShare users like you. When Sync releases, FolderShare goes into retirement. That means your FolderShare software will stop working and will ask you to upgrade to Sync. Once you do, Sync will automatically rebuild your personal folders. We expect a lot of new users when Sync is released, so if you can't sign in right away, please give it a little time.

Here's the part you need to pay attention to: Sync will not be able to rebuild your shared libraries. If you have a lot of shared libraries, you should hop over to the FolderShare website while it's still available and copy all that information. You'll need it to rebuild your shared libraries in Sync.

Thanks for being a FolderShare user! We're excited about delivering an even better file-synchronization experience to customers like you. We hope you'll come along as we move forward with Windows Live Sync.


The Windows Live Sync (formerly FolderShare) team

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Foldershare transformed into a user wasteland by Microsoft
Dec 27, 2008 4:00PM PST

Foldershare was a simple program which I used for years and it worked. The "enhanced" LIVE SYNC is a mangled overloaded nightmare which has wasted days of people's time including mine just trying to get it to connect. Don't believe me, go over to the official team blog and you'll be hard-pushed to find a positive comment

Far better to pay for something that works than frustrate the heck out of yourself and risk losing your files.