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On a recent flight...

I noticed that the sign on the cockpit door said 'Restricted Area' in both English and Spanish. I wonder why they don't include Farsi as well?

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Reporting: On a recent flight...
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What should it say?

Maybe "Pork Locker Room" or "Place of Defilement" or some other description to make them reconsider?

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Why should it?

Was it a US company? If so there is no reason to do it in more than the two languages that you mentioned since those are the two biggest languages in the country. They could actually include Yiddish/Hebrew too since that community is rather big...

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Oh come on, you're not that slow

The point is maybe it should be in a dialect that most of the hijackers of 9/11 would understand.

You knew that.

Of course, it wouldn't mean much to such as those low down varmits, but they would be told anyway.


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Re: Why should it?

Are you saying that the 9/11 subhumans were not Arab muslims who could read such a language?

Or are you saying that we are in danger from Jews who hijack airplanes to fly into buildings? If so, LOL!


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Ummmm, care to guess which ethnic group...

has hijacked the most planes globally since the 70's? I'll give you a hint, it's not the Jewish group.

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Re: Why should it?

Which jews do you refer too? Hasidic? Sephardic? Askenazi? Republicans? Democrats? NY Jews,Chicago Jews San Francisco Jews? Mexican Jews? Sabras? Orthodox? Conservative? Reformed? For your information the only language all American Jews speak is English! But then
wouldnt expect you to know that and I doubt that even 25% of them can read and right Hebrew or Platte Deutsch (yiddish). So for your further edification these homogenous Jews do not have the equivlant of a Pope or High priest and in fact most of them do not send 10% or any other % of their income to Israel.

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Airplanes, Infidels,and Muslims

Combining this thought with the thread about the woman dismissed from her job due to eating pork in the company lunchroom, I got to wondering now about eating on air planes. Would a Muslim actually make an objection if his row partner pulled out a pork based sandwich he'd purchased before boarding and started eating it? If they are so offended by such, how do they deal with such "offense" in a confined space like an airplane? Hey, maybe they decide to hijack it in retaliation.

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Re: Airplanes, Infidels,and Muslims

I think a better analogy would be a passenger bringing a pork-based sandwich onto an airline owned by a Muslim country or company that has a written policy prohibiting such food items.

In your example, the best recourse for the Muslim passenger would probably be to request a change of seat assignment.

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