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Many software titles on our site do use the Download.com Installer, which securely delivers software from Download.com's servers to your computer. During this process, the Download.com Installer also shows offers for additional, free applications provided by our partners.

All offers included in the Installer are tested to make sure that they are safe and conform with our security policies, and to ensure that they may be declined or opted-out of during the download. All offers are optional; you are not required to install any additional applications to receive the software you selected. However, it sounds like you may have encountered some difficulty with that.

In future, if you prefer not to use the Download.com Installer, you can simply click the Direct Download Link that is provided on all Installer Enabled product pages instead.

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For more detailed information on the Download.com Installer, please visit the following resource:


If you have any trouble uninstalling the unwanted software from your machine's Control Panel, we recommend using one of the programs listed in our uninstaller software category (keeping in mind that some do use the Download.com Installer too):


Then, you will also want to remove any unwanted add-ons or extensions from your browsers, and may need to reset your search and/or home pages. Instructions for completely resetting the most common browsers, if you need them, may be found here:


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