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Ok Jostenpedia or...

anyone else with encyclopedia like knowledge of home theater. I'm going to buy (out of boredom) a separate CD changer from my OPPO. I'd like, but can't find, one that plays both HDCP and SACD and costs under 400.00. I'd like a mega changer but Bill and Josten have already vetoed. If there isn't a player that does both, then I'd rather go with HDCD since my OPPO plays SACD. Unless we can come up with something better, I've narrowed down to these:

The Onkyo would cost 120.00 less but the Denon has the Burr Brown DAC. Even though I already know the answer is going to cost me, vote please.


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rusty, i gotta leave in a few minutes

In reply to: Ok Jostenpedia or...

but of course ill try helping. few q's

- did you see the AVS thread/link I recently posted here?
- would you consider spending on acoustic treatments instead?
- don't let me stop you. would you be interested in like a 400 disc changer? or keep it to carousel style?

I bet we can find one for you. Im sure you are in no rush, so we'll find it. FYI, Burr Brown actually makes many DAC models, perhaps 5 or more. Also, many say we cannot distinguish between DACs. I have no opinion on the matter.

btw dude, I listened to Ascend 170 SE last night and this morning, and they are now my unequivocal rec at the price point. Im amazed what $350ish can get you. cheers man, headed off to my first baseball game of the year...

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Hey man..

In reply to: rusty, i gotta leave in a few minutes

AVS post about acoustic treatments? If so, can't do that right now because I live in an apartment. Mulling changing that in the next year or so and it might be very useful info later.

I like tricked up things so those 300+ mega changers seem very cool. I'd like to have everything stored in such a way that I could access it right in it's storage bay. I also like how you can categorize the music in the mega changers. The thing is, I ran it by you and Bill awhile back and got the thumbs down. I really don't want to end up sacrificing the music quality if I use something other than the OPPO. I'm too tone deaf to know the difference myself but you never know about guests. Besides, I don't want to suffer the taunting and humiliation I got from you boys again when I bought the Onkyo 6.1 speaker package. Just wouldn't be worth it. That's where I thought maybe a 5/6 CD changer might be the right compromise. Mega changers sure sound cool but all the consumer reviews about them skipping and jamming give me pause. Just don't know if it's because people with a bad experience are more likely to post or if mega changers have a real problem. I leave all DAC decision making up to you whichever way I go. As an alternative, I've also been mulling installing a blu ray drive in my gaming computer and storing my music digitally. I already have the computer hooked up to my home theater for both music and video. The thing is, it's a gaming computer with a lot of noisy fans. If I go that route, I'd probably have to buy a sound proof case and basically reassemble my computer into that. I've never heard one with such a case before so I'm not sure if it would eliminate the fan noise sufficiently. Those cases cost about as much as a CD changer so the changer seems like the way to go. On the other hand, I'm, so far, dissatisfied with the blu ray players because I want to position myself to download movies in the future. I'm hoping the Blu ray players will allow high def movie downloads straight to the player like they were claiming the HD-DVD players would do soon, at CES. If I went with the sound proofed computer for a blu ray, maybe I could lick that too. Never seen that done either so I don't know if the picture quality would be good enough. Leaning towards the CD changer and waiting on Blu ray.

I know, it's a lot but that's what happens when I get bored.


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In reply to: Hey man..

does that Onkyo have HDCD? If not, it looks you found a viable candidate with the Denon. I know this player is an HDCD changer, but will be more expensive.

Regarding movie DL's that will be worth it, we are a long ways off is my guess. There is a thread in the Digital Hi-End Projector subforum of AVS called your "worst equipment in your HT". HTPC is probably the most oft-stated item. Also, I don't know why, but it seems that computer hi def drives, whether BD or HD-DVD, just don't last very long. They seem to die pretty quickly, from the few reports Ive heard including from personal friends.

Yea, if it was me, Id definitely opt for a BD player instead. You've got nice displays, the only thing left is to feed it something tasty.

OTOH, lots of folks like streaming their audio. I don't feel the need, that's for sure. I guess most people listen to random 3 minute songs, but when I put something in it will last about a half hr or more, typically. Anyways, point is lots of people like to do that.

Yea noisy fans from computer. Stereophiles have definitely complained, and stick with their cdp. I bet it also depends on the music you listen to, and how loud it is.

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Isn't this Yamaha CD recorder...

In reply to: ...

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In reply to: Isn't this Yamaha CD recorder...

Honestly, you will know better than I. I plugged in that model at AVS, and there are at least a few owners. I would do the same, then PM each of them with specific questions, if looking for consumer feedback. For streaming music, it seems a lot of folks are generally happy with Squeezebox products.

Rusty, would you like a free, used Pioneer 25 disc changer? We are not sure if it works, but my friend stopped using it for other reasons. They are moving to TX, as his wife will be teaching at A&M. He won't lug it over, even though I said that there's guy in Dallas. He only wants to find a home for it. He listed it at 20$, and if he couldn't sell it, hed give it to goodwill.

I can UPS it to you. I have to get the exact model #. It was not an expensive item, and I know its aged somewhat, never seen it though.

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I remember to add now

In reply to: Rusty,

that he said it was slightly annoying not knowing which disc was in which slot. If you like truly "random" playback, it might work out for you.

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just got an email from him

In reply to: I remember to add now

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Hey man...

In reply to: just got an email from him

Yea, I've seen that one before and would have bought and tried it just because it's so inexpensive. I decided against it because it doesn't have a remote and so I can't set up macros on my universal with it. I don't think I can use this one but thanks. I am curious when you get it how well the changer works, though. A mega changer with a remote would be a cheaper way to go than the Yamaha recorder, for sure.

It's kinda insane for me to get this Yamaha thing given how little I listen to music but it's just so dang cool. It rips the CD,HDCD with uncompressed PCM so no loss of sound quality. Then it's got TV menu to organize music into different categories. That ability to store and organize is what I'm really looking for. It's a juke box without as much mechanics and posters from other forums say it's quiet. I like the idea of the music servers too but the cost seems rediculous. I've got a customer who will sell the Yamaha to me for 560.00 delivered with no tax. The lowest end music servers seem to go for around 1000.00. Haven't quite made up my mind to buy yet but it sure looks like a fun new toy.

I've seen a lot about the slingbox too and saw it demo'd at CES. From what I can remember, that was about streaming to your laptop from your home cable box. I really can't use that for anything, but for those who have a need, I think it's supposed to work really well.

Thanks again.


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no problem...

In reply to: Hey man...

question... when the Yammy starts to die, or in fact just dies, can you transfer the recordings from one unit to another?

or.... can you make a backup after you spend all the time ripping? how long does a rip of one cd take anyways on something like that?

I think for 99% of us, for 99% of the recordings out there, a bit of compression will not hurt. In fact, it wouldnt surprise me at all, whatsoever, if only really good classical recordings would be hurt by minimal compression... and even then...? just a guess. i dont rip, and listen to 100% cd's still... but if you got space for uncompressed pcm, why not i guess.

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In reply to: no problem...

It not only rips the CD's but you can also edit, regroup songs, do fades, etc. and then burn a new CD to listen to in your car or whatever. I already do that from my computer using I Tunes so that wouldn't be a reason for me to buy. If I understand it correctly, I guess using this machine would more accurately duplicate the sound since there's no compression? Anyway, you could certainly just burn new CD's of whatever your groupings are for a back-up. I was just mainly going to download store bought CD's and just view them as my back-up. You can also record to the unit from any connected component such as your TV or radio. You could then even burn a CD of what you recorded from the other source component. I just don't see where I would ever need to do that. It can only input PCM signals. I'm hoping I can transfer my I-tunes library straight to the Yammaha's HD. If not, I'll transfer it all over using CD's I burn from my computer. I don't know the exact time it takes to rip the CD but it says it does it at 10X the normal speeed. Also says it burns a new CD at 4X the normal speed. I was thinking the same thing about when it dies. I ran accross where an owner had found out that the hard drive was user replaceable with some compatible Seagate hard drives and that some of them were much higher capacity than the one that comes with the unit. Apparently, even though the Yamaha web site says it's a 200GB HD, they are shipping them with 300GB. For me, I can't see needing more than that. So, I don't know about other repairs but if the HD goes out, I guess it's a simple fix.

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The recent C/NET article about the latest Slingbox was very

In reply to: Hey man...

positive. They just about loved it.

As to personal possibilities, I've sort of kept in touch with news about Olive products or Sonos. Both a bit pricey. Olive works on a direct buy basis. Sonos, more conventionally, has dealers who can demonstrate locally.

I just caught up with looking here online because I did take the week as sick leave, but am now on light duty. I had my triple A patched. Yes, surgery to insert five Chinese finger looking stents into my abdomen by way of the femoral arteries. The devices are made by the medical division of Gore. So now I wear Gore-Tex constantly, even if internally. I managed to have my abdominal aortic aneurysm diagnosed. Having no particular symptoms, most probably go undiagnosed. That is what got John Ritter a couple of years ago and Harvey Korman a couple of months ago. They had more money than me but it didn't buy a long lifespan.

I am very pleased now that the aneurysm that became unstable is now protected against blowout. Other medical things aside, I am grateful to have received that surgery. Medicine is expensive, but you're not going boycott high prices when one will possibly save your life. The exploratory arterial-gram surgery with fluoroscopy was $5851 just for it as starters. Hope my retirement Medicare coverage with gap insurance will do it.

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In reply to: The recent C/NET article about the latest Slingbox was very

First of all, hope you feel better soon. I don't know much about your ailment but it sounds like it hurts. Isn't the new Obama stent supposed to do more to unite your body parts and therefore bring about more positive change?

I looked at the Sonos stuff. My computer is in the same room with my other components and it looked like all it would do is stream from it to my receiver. and also wirelesssly to other rooms? I ruled it out, correctly or not, because I don't want my computer running while music is playing as I have a particularly fan noisy gaming computer. Plus, I'm already hard wired to my living room using the zone 2 on my receiver. I do have my computer connected to my receiver and occasionally stream straight from my I-tunes list. Sonos is cheap and therefore attractive to me. Am I right in assuming that it cannot operate stand alone with it's own hard drive?


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Yeah, well I couldn't pass up milking the forum regulars

In reply to: Ouch...

as past the fact correspondents of my major surgery which was done Tuesday morning ina three hour surgery. Because the Chinese finger puzzle looking stents inserted through the femoral arteries is from the medical division of Gore, I am now the C/NET gang member who always wears Gore-Tex, albeit internally. I have a new level of safety from diseased aorta that will now not be subject to a blowout. Good because abdominal aortic aneurysms are typically not diagnosed and when they blowout it is at an 85% fatality rate.

I just released just yessterday afternoon & it is nice to be a home where my bed is nice & the general ambiance is not at all as noisy as a hospital. The change is good progress & I feel 99% like a human being again. I have enjoyed a return to finding food appealing. I have an entire lower abdomen that is one giant hematoma so I will be taking gentle showers daily for awhile. Sure I got bruised all to hell because they inserted five of the stents in through my femoral arteries. But I am anxious to put that quickly into the past. I have that healing to do but I am in that process already. Just moving rather slowly at the time being. But with that renewed appetite came a return of a zest for life. Process in progress. Take care, all.

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In reply to: The recent C/NET article about the latest Slingbox was very





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Thanks, online friend. I got my abdomen stuffed with 5

In reply to: MY BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY..............

pieces that resemble Chinese finger puzzles from childhood - Tuesday morning in a three hour surgery. The stent/grafts inserted in my aorta where the unstable aneurysm was and its accompanying smaller ones for femoral artery protection and the lower femoral arteries down to the pelvic base are made by the medical division of W.L. Gore, so I now constantly wear Gore-Tex; and internally at that.

My ticking time bomb is now basically blowout proof. Unstable aneurysms are what did in John Ritter a couple of years ago and Harvey Korman a couple of months ago. Their above average earnings failed to provide them long lifespans. The trouble is aneurysms are typically not diagnosed because there are no key symptoms.

Sure, it was serious,major surgery and that really put me down. It required much improvement for me to get sprung by Friday afternoon. My lower abdomen is all hematoma at the time being. Glad to say being home has also done me good - the quiet & a 7 hour nights sleep set me up for having real in solid food again tgoday.

I have gone from narcotics down to one Hydrocodone this morning that kept me pain free for 12 hours. Pretty remarkable improvement over fairly short time. I feel 99% like a human being again. A short interlude of expected healing from incision sites & I'll be back all the way. I'm slow moving right now, but not for long.

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