I agree with the lock, for the reason that homework is designed to lead the student through a process of research and/or critical thinking. If the student justs asks someone else for the answer, he/she learned the answer to that particular question but nothing else. It defeats the purpose of the assignment as he/she will not have learned how to find such answers without simply asking someone else to answer the question, will (usually) not have learned more about the topic than the one or two word answer, and will generally not have learned how to think critically in order to understand and answer the question.

In addition, being handed the answer is unfair to those who spent the time and effort researching it themselves, regardless of whether they found the answer. Thus, I agree with Grif's decision and will apply Bob's philosophy that it is more important to teach someone how to fish than feed the person, for one day the person will have to feed himself/herself and will not know how. It may seem cruel at times when one must refuse to answer a question, but I would rather see a professor ask who discovered America in 1492 and be called a jerk by a student who asked that the answer be handed to him/her than the professor simply fill in the answer sheet for the student. That's not a "screw you" response, that's a "learn to fish" response.