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(NT) (NT) Describing both sides?
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(NT) (NT) Yes
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ok pay me off as usal to sell

out my company

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Sorry, not today

It's Friday and some have already reached their 40 hours. OT is not permitted unless by management approval.Wink

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But will the Union come in and

override management decisions? heheheheh


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I don't think that management "approves" overtime it might request people to work overtime.

In order to approve overtime, the request would have to come from somewhere beside management, not the union.

Management directs management and union directs union.

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Well, I never said anything about unions

OT is sometimes a red flag in non-union employment if a premium is required to be paid. There are plenty of workers eager for extra pay in such environments but they cannot just do so on their own. It comes by request or approval from management. Thus,I would think that a management request for OT already infers approval. I believe it causes a rub in unions shops when management needs extra labor hours but prefers to give these to temporary or part time workers rather than full time workers who would request them if available. I would think union intervention would include both requiring management to accept OT from it's members but protecting members from forced excessive overtime. This gets haggled out behind closed doors and most of us just read about it in the paper.

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and if you have

an employee that does bad work try fireing him/her

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(NT) (NT) Sorry supposed to reply to Toni
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I will say this much

I work in a union mill, or rather a mill with unions, right to work state means you can't be required to belong to the union.

Anyway, they contract out a lot of construction work, project wise anyway. The main reason used is a clause in the contract that allows them to contract work out that if they assigned regular workers to it, it would interfere with 'normal and necessary' maintenance.

However, the other side of the coin is they only hire 3 to 5 new electricians after we lose more (5-10) than that to retirement, disability, or whatever. When I was hired there were 56 of us I think. In less than a decade, we're down to less than 50 I think.

So they're gradually reducing the number of people available for such work, so they can contract more of it out. The obvious intent is to gradually reduce the workforce to avoid paying out our payscale and benefits as much as possible.

We can only file a "greviance" on work done by outsiders we could have done outselves without OT, at least normally it works that way. With the provision the intent to contract it out is suppose to be notified to the unions first and possibility of discussion before the contract is let.

However, they're not suppose to contract out non-urgent work, it's suppose to be scheduled in with other work. Occasionally work goes from "we don't have time right now" to urgent and emergency contracted out somehow or another, with little explanation.

Now they are suppose to assign at least one in house electrician to work with consultants and specialist technicians (not necessarily with basic construction work).

However, to be fair, most maintenance employees can get OT if they want it, and are willing to work other areas (where as a 'visitor' you always get the nastiest jobs), days off, etc.

And if you're willing to answer call-ins at all hours, days, nights, whatever, and get the work done reasonably quickly after you get there, you'll get called a lot.

Overtime is normally time and half, that's everything over 8 hours a day. There are special rates for Sunday work, holiday work, overtime on Sundays and/or holidays, etc.



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(NT) (NT) But I need the electricians to help the plumbers today
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I know what you're getting at.

You need a better job coordinator.

You can only get so many people in an area at a time, it doesn't matter if they are in the union or not.

I hope you're not saying you would let a plumber hookup your electricity.

Or do you want the electrician to hookup your plumbing?

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Just needing some extra pipe benders for a day.

The electricians said it's not their job even though they bend pipe to run wires thru and we don't have any ellectrical work for them to do right now. They told me not to ask again or they'll file a grievance with their union rep. In the meantime they want me to pay them to sit on the bench until we get some electrical work even though I've got to hire some extra help for the plumbers since the electricians aren't going to help.

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Here ya go
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I find it strange

that a plumber (pipefitter) would let an electrician touch the pipe.

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Here in 'my' part of the country

most contractors have dual licenses.....they are both electricians and plumbers......and yet the unions don't let those people do both jobs in a factory job. That's ridiculous.


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