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Ohio candidate likes to re-enact the Nazi SS Division

(the Fifth) who were responsible for the rounding up of the Jews in Hungary. I find it odd that no one here has even acknowledged this peculiar situation.

There's nothing wrong with re-enacting. There's nothing wrong even with dressing up as one of the Wehrmacht. But the SS? Yhe Waffen SS who were the source of atrocities in Poland, Russia, Normandy (Canadians), the Battle of the Bulge (American) and of course a lot of Jews in the Baltic states and Russia while invading and Hungary and Czechoslovakia as they retreated. Now the Waffen SS weren't the ones primarily involved in the "Final Solution", but they weren't innocent either.

And I have 2 friends whose fathers were Waffen SS. Both are women, and one of them has a best friend who is a Jew.


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Reporting: Ohio candidate likes to re-enact the Nazi SS Division
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(NT) no links, no names, no nothing.
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A link, since this one has been talked about here
Ohio GOP candidate likes dressing as a Nazi?

I consider this to be just one of many such excavations that happen prior to election time and neither of our major parties have a monopoly on this sort of dumpster diving method of trying to make their opponents look bad rather than make themselves look good. Pure trash, IMO.

I remember a big uproar during the hoopla about motorcyclists being required to wear helmets and some decided to wear the German 1/2 helmet types pictured on Nazi soldiers during WWII and the outrage this caused in some circles.
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Assuming that

the link provided by Steven is the correct one, I still have to wonder why you posted this.

No links, (yet again), no names, not even a "Republican/Democrat" differentiation to indicate the reason you have posted, if indeed your posting was intended as a political statement. Or perhaps you were simply stating your distaste that anyone should do such a thing?

That's the problem, I don't know, and I doubt anyone does.


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And in the link the man's opponent claims

to personally know persons who were killed or tortured by the SS. She was born in 1946. Must be pre-birth clairvoyant. Wink

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She said, "They killed people and tortured people that I know personally." That can be seen as two separate clauses, and the second one, "...tortured people that I know personally." might well be true.

But still, it's an attempt to call her opponent a nazi... which is in a way a nazi-like tactic in itself.

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You beat me to it....

Something we agree on...two separate clauses

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Perhaps he meant he knew people tortured by the SS, and fami

ly of those killed. You're splitting hairs. My wife "knew" Wolfram von Richtofen when she treated him during her time at the Wellesley Hospital up here. Cousin of Baron von Richtofen of WWI fame, and the Stukafliegerfuhrer, the commander of all Stukas
in France and Russia during World War 2. People if they survive, can live a long time, and the opponent was the child of people who fought in the Second World War. It's like saying that someone born in 1919 wouldn't know anyone who fought in WW1 or "knew", as in being related to, people killed in it.


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I still have to wonder why...

Seriously? It's so very typical from this member. Consider the source.

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"Consider the source"

Yep !!
That's what happens when people get their information form hate sites.

I read a story about this a few days ago that mentioned the GOP candidate also went to SCHOOLS dressed in the Waffen uniform to educate the children about the holocaust.

Are all the grey wearing actors in "The War of Northern Agression" re-enactments RACISTS?
Bottom of the bucket scraping. SOP

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Broadly covered on regular news channels in the US, and

newspapers. His politics are known here but I, who have waded through endless accusations of political transgression here, am now being criticized for avoiding them.

And the answer is yes, I have trouble with anyone dressing up in SS regalia. It says something about the interior life of the person. I didn't like it when Viv Stanshall and Keith Moon dressed up in SS uniforms, and I liked them a lot.

I posted my discomfort with the wearing of the Kafiya by North American non Muslims as a sort of "fashion" article, given its associations with Fatah, Black September, and terrorism world wide. This is obviously a personal opinion, but my brother in law who is a dyed in the wool provocateur wears one. He, and the Viv and Keith, got a charge out of cocking a snook at conventional people, meaning anyone not exactly like them. Having lived through it, and participated in it, I was conscious of the lock-step nature of the counter-culture of the 60's and 70's. I tended not to conform, and was viewed therefore as not a "real" participant.


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Consider the venue

It's not like he wears it out in public like a burqa, just at particular historical type functions or reenactments, etc.

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Comparing SS Uniform to a burqa?

A burqa (Arabic pronunciation: [?b?rq??]; also transliterated burkha, burka or burqua from Arabic: ????? burqu? or burqa? ) is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies in public places. The burqa is usually understood to be the woman's loose body-covering (Arabic: jilb?b), plus the head-covering (Arabic: ?ij?b, taking the most usual meaning), plus the face-veil (Arabic: niq?b).

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Scraping the bottom of the bucket now.


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I did military reinacting for over 20 years.

After a while, you quit dressing as your favorite side or your favorite figure from history... and start taking on the more challenging and esoteric uniforms just because it is more challenging.

You do it for the learning experience, or because someone said at the last meeting that we needed a particular soldier to represent a particular unit from a particular battle. Sometimes this means that you have to dress up as a bad guy.

I see no significance in this guy's behavior... just as I saw no significance in Michael Jordan sporting a Hitler style mustache recently. If I dress as a Confederate soldier, does that mean I favor slavery? If I dress as a Spanish priest, does that mean I support the Spanish Inquisition? If I dress as a Roman Centurion, does that mean I favor crucifying Jews?

For all we know, the man may have been in the chorus line of the local production of Mel Brooks "The Producers"... unless the guy is going to Neo-Nazi meetings, I see this as nothing except politics as usual.

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I kept quiet

I wondered how long before this became a topic. The canidates are from my area and found it distrubing to read about it as well have it appear on the www.

I agree, that there is no alignment with re-enacting and such, but since this got out, it doesn't matter. The plain fact, IMHO is the candidate now has to face the very people he wants to represent, thus its no wonder good/bad come from his past re-enactments.

I honestly don't think the other camp presented this as a way to get back or downgrade the opponent, but that too is open to what has become common to be so negative in every possible way to attack, rather than debate issues.

Ms. Kaptur is such a strong opponent, I don't see here doing what has become common, that negative campaigning. But, never the less, the results just aren't to be good for Iott. I'm sure he didn't bring it up and to have that in your closet, innocent or not, apparently is not sitting well with the locals. -----Willy Happy

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Oh well, at least....

...he has some fun away from politics at times.

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Wiking web site, if anyone cares to give a look at

what they claim is their motivation.

While I'd not go out of my way to witness a battle reenactment, I don't see anything here that would be better served by sweeping it under a rug.

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