Obama Praises Islamic Boy Bringing Timing Device To School

This Islamic boy brings what for all intents and purposes looks and could function as a bomb timing device in a briefcase bomb to school. He is arrested and bomb squad called. All it was missing was the explosives. Obama gets involved and it turns into a "clock" and the boy is invited to the White House. Can this country get more screwy?!! Kudos to the teachers and police for interrupting what could have become something much worse.


"Ahmed was arrested on Monday for suspicion of bringing a homemade bomb, which turned out to be a homemade clock, to school. Ahmed has been offered internships all over country, jobs by numerous companies, including Twitter, and an invitation to the White House to visit with the president – this kid has been awarded the deal of a lifetime."


"The father of the Muslim teenager, who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, is a Sudanese immigrant who went from selling New York City hot dogs to twice running for president in his native country.

Mohamed ElHassan, who stood beside his son Ahmed Mohamed Wednesday and expressed how “proud” he is of him, grew up in an African village before moving to the U.S. to achieve the American dream, the North Dallas Gazette reported.


"ElHassan has been looking for publicity and chances to fight against “Islamophobia” for a considerable period. Now he has seized it, going so far as to claim his son was “tortured” by school and law enforcement officials.

He finally has the cause he has been seeking for so long. School officials were being prudent, protecting the children. Irving, Texas has had its share of jihad and sharia. Two Muslim sisters, Amina and Sarah Said, were honor murdered by their father, execution-style, in Irving several years ago. He is still at large. And Irving, Texas is only half an hour from Garland, Texas – the site of a jihad shooting on a free speech event last May."


"A lot of folks think — given the Mohamed family’s past — this whole situation might have been a scheme cooked up to provide Mohamed — the father — an opportunity to get in the lime light and further the Islamic agenda.

Honestly, as this whole thing unfolds, it does seem a bit fishy.

Regardless of whether it’s legit or a setup, the way Obama responded to this fiasco is incredibly inappropriate, especially since he hasn’t invited a single child from a family where a police officer has been murdered to the White House, nor the family of Kate Steinle.

This incident wasn’t about racism. It was about ensuring the safety of our children while they’re at school, and in a time as dangerous as the one we’re living in, the teacher did the right thing...

Yeah, something stinks here and that stink goes all the way to the White House.

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Reporting: Obama Praises Islamic Boy Bringing Timing Device To School
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RE: All it was missing was the explosives

Are you telling me that I have a "bomb" on the table by my bed?

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RE:something stinks here
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So, you think he should change his name.

Got it!

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That would work...but he shouldn't have to.

All that was missing was the explosives?


Aren't "explosives" what make a "bomb" a "bomb".

Without explosives Ya got nothing. it's like throwing a grenade without pulling the pin.

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Works for drug busts.

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RE: Works for drug busts.

When's the last time you've used a crack pipe AND what did you use it for?

Got a legal practical use for a crack pipe?

If so...go to law school get a license...defend crack addicts....make a fortune.

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Kid: "Thank you Mr. President", BUT

I'm leaving this country to live in Qatar because they are giving me a full scholarship.....

AFTER I also met days before I met you with a criminal killer, the leader of Sudan....

I will continue to follow in my father's footsteps, just as you have (Dreams of My Father), it just won't be in the USA (at least, not right now......look for me because when you least expect it, I'll be back)

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So true so often.

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