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Obama, not to be out done by Romney, screws up

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Reporting: Obama, not to be out done by Romney, screws up
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It was 57 states

It's just one screw up after another?

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It was 58 states............

He said he had already visited (paused) uh...... 57 states and have "one more to go."


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So he never actually said "58"

he said visited 57 and had "one more to go", and people did the math?

Like Obama said "he still had one more to go". So he didn't visit "58 states".

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sigh... look JP, it's kind of like saying...

... "Mission Accomplished" when it actually isn't. People did the math. They knew.

Oh gosh, I just brought up a different President who actually had nothing to do with the subject of the OP.

How petty and disingenuous do I sound?


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Well, BO didn't use the

"Mission Accomplished" banner, but he did manage to convince many people that once OBL was dead, the threat from Al-Q was pretty much over, thanks to him.........and it 'actually isn't'. People are doing the math......they know. I don't think you sound petty and disingenuous, was the truth then (it wasn't over), and it's the truth now (it still isn't over). I didn't like the signal that banner gave, whether it was placed there deliberately for Bush's speech like some say or was already there because of the ship's accomplishment for something they were doing at the time as others was the wrong signal/message to give people. BO made the same mistake, and didn't learn from the Bush lesson, and it cost people their lives with the same arrogance that Bush got blamed for. I think it's an even bigger mistake to have this Hollywood movie coming out......I'm afraid that it will fire up the terrorist base even more than some idiot's 14 minute trailer has.

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Where and when did Obama say....

.....that killing OBL meant Al Qaeda was no longer a threat?

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Without saying those exact words,

being the orator that he is and having the ability to never give specifics, he gave people the false sense of security that AQ was something we didn't really have to worry much about except for 'isolated' incidents such as the Ft Hood shooting by calling it a 'workplace violence' incident and refusing to use the words 'war on terror' anymore. He makes no foreign policy statements even during his interviews after the killing of Stevens that even suggest that this is terrorist activity...he leaves that up to ******* Carney......and even THAT took over a week of lies. He blames every failure on something or somebody else, Josh.......even now he won't admit that he knew three days ahead of the attacks that they were coming, and did NOTHING. His spokesperson who was doing all the Sunday news shows, has repeatedly said that there was 'protection' in place (2 Navy SEALs), and yet we find out yesterday/this morning that those SEALs weren't there to protect anybody.....they were there for another reason and in another compound away from Stevens when the attack came.

Aren't even YOU sick of the ******.t that gets handed out by this Admin, Josh? How much more KoolAid are you going to keep swallowing from him?

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They're calling it a terrorist attack

And unlike your candidate, he waited until he had some facts before saying anything.

I'll take the rest of your post to mean you have no link to any statement he ever made saying or suggesting that Al Qaeda is no longer a threat because OBL is dead. I didn't think so.

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They were told by the Libyan leader

immediately that it was a terrorist attack and BO himself on the Latino show yesterday bounced off topic back to the movie and never said it was a terrorist attack. ONLY Carney has admitted that it was. The rest of the 'team' including Carney for over a week said it was spontaneous protesting that got out of control over a movie, and you know it. Romney KNEW instinctively, just as the REST OF THE USA knew except for the LSM pandering to BO that it wasn't about the movie and berated BO's Admin for apologizing for so many hours before the attack happened in an attempt to calm them down, AND BO and Hillary are in a stupid damn ad being paid for with $70K taxpayer money to run tv ads in Pakistan AGAIN apologizing by saying the US government had NOTHING to do with the movie, so "please, please, be our friends" bull. I can't believe that they think that only showing that ad in Pakistan is going to do any good at this point when over 20 OTHER countries are in flames now, too. Where are the priorities? Where is the REAL and not feigned outrage? This guy is a total loser and a liar. Don't give me this crap about how BO waited to get all the 'facts', when he already HAD them and chose to lie to the people via his proxies and the LSM and never said a word himself. He CHOSE to go the airport to receive the bodies of people he ALLOWED to die and then took off for Vegas for a freaking fundraiser.

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(NT) Did somebody say that he said 58 states?
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The other states?

Commonwealth such as Puerto Rico and another gets me to 53 if you count D.C.

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RE: Did somebody say that he said 58 states?

YOU did?

Your OP

pretty well yet again. He learned this while visiting all 58 states, I suppose.

"The most important lesson I've learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside,"

The Obama's should probably go ahead and reserve the U Haul trucks.

OR did YOU think there are 58 states?

Any comment on Romney saying he can't change Washington from the inside?

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You're wrong again! I'm not sure of your comprehension...

level, but no where in my post (s) did I remark that Obama "said" those words.

Or maybe you believe there are 57 states?

However, I do want to thank you for bring out what might be another Obama broken commitment. Happy

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RE:no where in my post (s)
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You can't admit that you're wrong LOL .....

RE: Did somebody say that he said 58 states? - New!

by JP Bill - 9/21/12 2:54 PM

In Reply to: (NT) Did somebody say that he said 58 states? by lylesg

"YOU did?" Wrong agian! I did not say those words..nope....nada......sorry.
'He learned this while visiting all 58 states, I suppose' are my exact words.

Now, just where in the hell in that sentence do you see the words that Obama "said" * I visited 58 states*? They are not there my friend. The words you see are my own words. But, what your Obama did say was that he had "visited 57 states and had one more to go." You do see the difference I know you do. But because you're caught up in the Obama walks on water kind of magic mentality it's just hard for you to admit some truths and what you are proving is that Obama supporters like yourself will argue blindlessly in support of their dear ruler no matter if he lies, or not. LOL
Wait, I take the LOL back because it's not funny when his policies are destroying our country.

Perhaps if you would begin with this little small step in admission that Obama actually screwed up and that you just did too, you might begin a whole new experience of truths in life. lol
I really do doubt it though. Happy

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Like I said
I suppose your next argument is going to be

Who is "he"?

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"Like I said" Wrong again

He said he had already visited (paused) uh...... 57 states and have "one more to go."


'58' is down on the next line (on my screen anyhow) and more importantly it comes after the quote marks and the period.

Now, try another of your spins to try and save face.

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(NT) You've really got your "mojo" going today.
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But, now that the grass in my yard is dry, I can mow for a couple of hours and college football will be on all day. I'm a happy camper.

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RE: I'm a happy camper.

You're no happier than I am

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(NT) Seriously? This is the best y'all can come up with?
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(NT) It just keeps on coming :)
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Actually, I think he's got a good point

but it's not his job to fix it. We sat back and lazily buying into all the political rhetoric and, while we were fighting amongst ourselves, we didn't look carefully enough at who we allowed to move there. These politicians have a good thing going for themselves. All they do is fight amongst themselves. Every few years they come out of the woodwork asking us to let them keep their jobs. How do they do this? by getting us to fight among ourselves just as we're doing now. We can't blame them. We built this. If we want it fixed, we can't just remodel the exterior. The place needs to be gutted. Wink

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Over the past four years..........

I think Lucy has yanked up the football one too many times and Charlie Brown isn't gonna trust her again.On Nov 6th,she's gonna say "trust me this time" and Charlie's gonna run up and kick her instead Happy

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If this and "57 states".....

......(which has been explained here ad nauseum) are the best you can come up with, I'm not worried. I would hardly call this a "major gaffe." In fact he's probably right.

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