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Obama lies about his mother's death, but....

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Reporting: Obama lies about his mother's death, but....
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How amazing!

This lie along with other little lies he's told speak for his lack of character. Who could vote for a man like him to lead our country?

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His Secret Service Codename would be Pinochio?

But it's already taken by Paul Ryan.

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wouldn't you expect

someone as smart as he supposedly is to keep his lies straight? If not him at least his staff! Less and less respect for this man.

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I would really feel like a fool.........

if I had been one of the many in the crowd with tears rolling down my cheeks....sobbing.

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It just amazes me

how many people have fallen for this phony, Hook, Line and SinkerSad Can people really be this stupid?

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If he's defeated

I want to go and buy up some old Obama bumper stickers. That way if someone really pisses me off, I can sneak over and put it on their bumper, LOL.

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(NT) Isn't vandalism a crime? you want to be a criminal?
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that's not vandalism

might qualify as "mischief". No harm done.

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since bumper stickers never come cleanly off

I'd consider it vandilism is someone place one on my car.

If I was a bit more radical and had a dirty harrry confict, (and a gun) I might want to become an exterminator or have a death wish in response.

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if you lived in Florida you could shoot him...

... and then plant a bag of skittles on him.

Skittles AND an Obama bumper sticker? That's justifiable homicide in James eyes.

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that's an idea

I better have an Arizona iced tea and a bag of Skittles on me, just in case. That way if I got shot, someone would surely end up in jail.

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(NT) Any preference on the race of the shooter?
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Nope, so long as he was blind
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I know of sighted hunters that take specualtion shots

they hear a noise and shoot in that direction, the louder the noise(bigger the target)...the greater the chance of being shot.

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I have to agree........

with them. Putting Obama's name/face on anything would deface the item terribly. Happy

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that said

I have to agree, it might rise to vandalism. Wink

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any sticker, political, smartass, religious

on someone else property is vandalism, disrespect, damage to property, etc.

Hell, I bet all of ya would string up a tagger if you could.

Putting stickers on your own car is dumb enough.

I will admit those little window stickers of dad, mom, kids, pets are whimisically cute. Of course, I saw one last week that obvioiusly had had the "dad" removed, the space was obvious.

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I was just watching

"Hang'em High" with Clint and enjoying the sight of justice in action. Wink

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send me some tooHappy

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(NT) Certainly, lots have bought Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Heukh
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He never claimed to have been at her bedside when she died. He only said he saw her in her hospital bed.

Nice try, though. I see you got a couple of people to fall for it.

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You don't expect logic or an unbiased assessment of evidence

from so many of this crowd. A lie here is anything uttered by a moderate. Conservatives are immune through repeated exposure. That's why they watch Fox News. The ludicrous just slides right by them without recognition.


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(NT) you're half right, but it moderates get it from both sides
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he wasn't there how did he see her in the hospital bed? Never mind, I just KNOW you can think of somethingHappy

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Try and follow, Glenda

He saw her in her hospital bed, which she was (presumably) in for some time before she passed away. He was not there when she died, but this article is trying to claim he said he WAS there when she died, even though he never said that.

Get it yet?

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"this article is trying to claim he said he WAS there"

Josh, perhaps you should read the article again as the article does not say that. It merely gives an account of the conflicting stories is all.

Michelle Obama implied that he was at her side and Biden said that Obama was at her side, but Obama says he was not at her side when she died. The whole point is you'd think they could get their stories straight.

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LOL Lyle

Josh is so smart he doesn't need to read anything overHappy He is in fact so smart that he believes everything BO has to sayWink

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I hope you are feeling better now

after trying to belittle me! What a nice guy you are.

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Nice source, Tucker Carlson, now there's someone trustworthy

I'd trust him from one end of his bow-tie to the other.

Not being there at the end doesn't preclude having been there earlier, nor does the supposed information about Insurance preclude having to argue with Insurance Companies as anybody who has been hospitalized knows. I was hospitalized under my parents plan, and they had to argue and write letters for almost a year to get all the reimbursement to which they were entitled.


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Lies, Lies and more Lies!

If he lied about his mothers death then nothing he can do or say can justify that and he will have to live with lying to the world about the most horrible thing anyone can experiance.

However, in this case i don't think he lied about it or said that it happened. I think he used clever wording to insinuate it happened. Another political tool that is used constantly to munipulate the voters. Strange though how this has come out at election time though. All guns are out here, who knows what is fact, and what is really fiction?

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