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Obama campaign wins fight in Ohio

Irreparable injury to campaign would be suffered

"Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable injury if in-person early voting is not restored the last three days before Election Day,..."

The background of the story is that Ohio election officials wanted a weekend break between the early voting sessions and the general election date in order to organize and prepare. Early "in person" voting in Ohio starts 35 days before the general election and was slated to end on the Friday before the general election. This means one gets better than an entire month to get to the polls. It was said that Republican officials wanted to continue the practice of allowing active duty military to vote on the weekend. The Obama people cried "foul"....that this would harm their candidate. I'm not seeing the big deal. Since one has 35 days to get to the polls and only "in person" voting is affected, what does giving military 3 more days have to do with the price of fish? I'd think only the "Johnny come lately" types would be affected. There would be plenty of room for both military and civilian people to vote. Either the Obama campaign thinks military personnel vote late and vote Republican or that their voters do the same but vote Democrat. As a compromise, I'd say just stop the voting on Friday for everyone but fighting over the procrastinator vote is really dumb, IMO.
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Reporting: Obama campaign wins fight in Ohio
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Bottom line is....

.....that everyone should get the same amount of time to vote. The people who tried to change the rules knew that the change would benefit one party.

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Knew or suspected maybe...

but I'd be just as happy to end the battle by halting voting on the Friday for all and allowing that to be challenged in its own right if anyone was displeased. I'd also suggest that, if such could affect one candidate or another, we might do well to find out why and fix that rather than squabbling over 3 days that election officials would like to have to make sure the general election is well prepared for. That, too, is important. I'm looking for another solution here that would be fair to all who have difficulty getting to the polls. Active duty military have a valid excuse. What's with the rest of us?

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I'd like to see early voting adopted in more states

We had it in Texas and it was very convenient. People used to get the day off on Election Day if it was a presidential election; those days are long gone. Some people are simply unable to get to a polling place on the actual day due to work or personal conflicts. If those people had another option, or a fraud-proof way to vote online, that would help turnouts a lot.

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(NT) I'd move Labor Day to November to accommodate elections
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(NT) Probably cut turnout in half if you had to go on "holiday"
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Even those that got off weren't often paid

and many might not want to lose the pay, particularly depending on if their polling place was inline with work and home or opposite from work direction.

Many probably could be late enough or leave early enough for voting if they wanted to do so.

The problem is some jobs can't and some won't allow it and the lack of pay for others that can get off.

I'm not sure how long it will be, but online security has way too far to go for voting IMO. Heck, it probably isnt secure enough for the things I use it for, but I take the risk for the convenience.

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(NT) That's what absentee ballots are for, not just being gone
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The horror...

This is all "politics" as they tweek away to secure some advantage. You see that when they redo districts from time to time. It doesn't matter which side does it, sooner or later they do it. it's not like updating the law or service for the overall betterment of the public, that's for sure.

Sometimes, I read all those horror stories after the elections of missing votes or mis-directed ballot boxes of votes, etc., get lost or dumped, etc. when record keeping still has to be done long after the vote. Sometimes that's not found out so soon unless challenges are made, etc. to verify this or that. As the military, as long as they are informed and ballots provided for those away, it shouldn't make a difference. But, sometimes I wonder if these too get "lost" on their way. In person military need attention should be given extra attention just to be sure they're not left out. i do agree that 35 days seem adequate IHO, after all they're the spearhead of our freedoms. -----Willy Happy

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Actually I would consider the expense

of having polling places on base, US bases anyway, should be considered.

Military people I'm willing to give some extra help/convenience. They earn it particularly in times where they have to do many combat zone deployments.

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(NT) They can still vote by absentee ballot, can't they?
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Complexities arise

Yes absentee ballots are done but none of the local or state issues are voted on. That's the way i remember it or what was provided. I do see the complexities of having all state and local issue ballots having to be provided on base. But, I also believe you can request those by mail and then return them to your local district. But, i recall in some cases where changes had been made yet some absentee ballots were already sent out before the changes, etc.. -----Willy Shocked

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My feeling about military as well

I find it difficult to be sympathetic to people who've never worked and never even considered voting until someone registered them and drove them to and from the polls. There are certainly the legitimate hardship cases...that being the elderly and/or immobile that should be provided with assistance but lately there's been a move not unlike the branding and rounding up of cattle to get them to market on time. Those that don't care enough to make their own effort to participate in government should be allowed to live that way if they desire. Insensitive? Maybe.

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That would be a problem.

Can you imagine how many types of ballots that would be?


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(NT) If they can get them in time

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