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Obama calls for compromise, won't budge on tax cuts

Days after Democrats received a self-described "shellacking" at the polls, President Obama called for an end to campaigning and an embrace of compromise.

But he signaled no willingness to bend on the first challenge likely to face him from a Republican House as he advocated the permanent extension of Bush-era tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year despite the GOP's resolve to extend the tax cuts for all income brackets.

Oxymoronic. Why does one side seem to think that "compromise" means that only the other side should make any concessions?

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Reporting: Obama calls for compromise, won't budge on tax cuts
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"Why does one side seem to think that "compromise" means that only the other side should make any concessions?"

That's the Democrats definition of "bipartisanship"

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despite the GOP's resolve to extend the tax cuts for all income brackets.

bipartisanship and resolve....they don't work well together.

Both parties are the same...Sorry i forgot the Tea Party...All 3 parties will be the same.

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Watching Rachel Maddow the other day...

she was going on and on about how awful John Boehner is because he would not "compromise" with Obama on anything.

I got sick of her and switched channels and there was an interview with a high ranking Democrat. He was asked what the Democrats would be willing to compromise on now that they lost the House and he said he didn't think they should have to give ground on anything at all! Soooo.....

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I mentioned in a previous thread that we could count on

more fighting for the next two years. All the more reason to show these pugilists, on both sides, the doorway out. As Bush 1 said...sooner is better than later.

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It could be that if they stopped fighting ...

it will be worse for the country. There's a lot to be said for gridlock. I don't like the philosophy of "just do something."

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When I think of gridlock

I think of the police being called to intervene. In the case of congressional gridlock, the police should be us.

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Anyway, the Democrats didn't get trounced because...

they didn't get anything done. They got a lot done. It's just WHAT they got done and HOW they did it that caused a problem. Ramming through legislation when they didn't have the votes stands out. A little gridlock woudl have been good.

Now if things don't get done it will be because of the President.

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I'm not convinced ...

I would have guessed that the Democrats got trounced because the economy still stinks. The same reason the Republicans got trounced in 2008.

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That's part of it...

but I heard lots of complaints about the HealthCare Bill, bailouts, etc. Point is, you can't say the Congress did nothing, they just didn't address the problems most Americans think should be addressed.

I think 2008 was primarily a reaction against Bush.

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In your opinion, just what are ...

... just what are " the problems most Americans think should be addressed"?

To my mind, those issues are jobs. Thus just how is Bill wrong?

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So, how is Bill wrong ?

Well, he isn't. The elections were about the economy. If jobs were plentiful, then the republicans wouldn't have had a snowballs chance in hell...

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NOT saying you're wrong, mind you...

Just not completely right.

Not that I think you woudol misunderstand.

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and yet you can't identify "the problems most Americans...

... "the problems most Americans think should be addressed"

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The biggest problem the government might consider

addressing is the shear number of issues they wade into. Many might sort themselves out better with minimal or no government intervention at all. Government, IMO, doesn't seen to know when to just stay out of the way. They seem to view any problem not as an obligation to help fix something but as an opportunity to score points with the voting public.

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Get out of the way and let us work!

Laissez nous faire.

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I tend to agree with you.

Government doesn't know when to stay out of the way... but government is also created by the demands of people and business, for someone to take action.

Face it... how many times have you heard someone say, "there ought to be a law" ? How many times have you heard about a sudden landslide of law suits when lawyers figure a new angle that they can make money on? How many times have you heard of some business which demands (or requires) government intervention?

People want government. People constantly ask for more government. But people are only happy to see it when it gives them what they want. When government steps on their toes... then people scream loud and clear.

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But Grim...I think that, as often as I've heard

"there ought to be a law", I've just as often heard "there should not be that law". Wink

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LOL... it is easier to make a law...

... than to get rid of one. Wink

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(NT) Or maybe it was Bush 2
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You guys compromise...

Not me, just you guys!

Think he'll convince the?

Note, we're discussing Obama here,not anyone else.

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What in your mind would be a compromise on the Bush Tax Cuts?

What could each party concede to the other party that would be a compromise?

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Indeed ...

Compromise does require that both sides work together. With that in mind, how is Mr. Obama supposed to work with people who have already declared that their FIRST priority is to make sure Mr. Obama is not re-elected.

I doubt either side is willing to compromise on anything of significance. A pox on both their houses.

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Given what he has done in 2 years,

It should be America's First priority to make sure HE doesn't get re elected.

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the dust is still in the air

once reality sets in for the Democrats and the Republicans come down off their high, compromise will be in the air.

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Wow! Now

he wants to compromise, Haha, When he had the majority he shoved it down our throats! Too little too late.

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NO...he just "said" he wants to.

he doesn't really want to compromise.

The other guys said they wanted to compromise after they got turfed out...why can't he do the same thing?

He has an agenda...and he is going to push forward with it.

He hasn't given up yet.

Hang on, It's going to be a bumpy ride. (For America that is)

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He could reject all the Bush tax cuts.

Compromise means EVERYONE gives a little and takes a little.

Why is it republicans think that COMPROMISE means they get their way and everyone else lumps it?

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Laugh at common sense? No surprise here.

Ed was complaining about the dems not compromising with the republicans.

What are the republicans expectations? That all the Bush tax cuts be extended. So you tell me where is the compromise?

THINK about it OG... Where is the compromise? If you know better then tell us all... WHERE IS THE COMPROMISE that the republicans are asking for?

You can't give an example, can you? That is because the republicans don't want compromise, all they want is the original Bush Tax Cuts extended indefinitely.

Come on OG... tell us where the compromise is?

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what a twist that was!

I was lol at YOUR statement that Republicans think compromise means the other guy!
What with the Dems cramming the Non-compromise of healthcare and other crap down our throats! And them lol about it for 2 long years, When did Pelosi EVER compromise on anything?

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