Obama averts the end of the world on Saturday,

besides proving he was born in the United States, saving Wall Street, the Economy, getting an enormous amount of legislation passed, Health Care, successfully dealing with Republican obstruction of the legislative process, being there the next day for the Alabama border tornadoes, and managing the impossible (killing Osama bin Laden).

The only thing he can't seem to accomplish is getting credit or respect. Or could that have to do with the opposition and the Republican Noise Machine?

Now he's being investigated for being born in Ireland. One of the Black Irish, one assumes.


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Reporting: Obama averts the end of the world on Saturday,
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I beg to differ with you

You said: "successfully dealing with Republican obstruction of the legislative process"....but neglected to mention that a good majority of his 'successes' have been because he used "Executive Orders", effectively BY-PASSING any 'obstruction', Republican AND from within his own party. He also appointed the most controversial person to head up the NLRB knowing full well that that person (Craig Becker) was an ATTORNEY FOR the UNIONS previously and would always come up on that side of the field and also knowing that the Republicans and the Tea Parties had found out prior to that appointment and planned to try to stop that appointment. Obama appointed him during the House recess and again made the Congress irrelevant in the legislative process. He also used an Exective Order to give the EPA sweeping power over any and all existing and future energy expansion that had to do with 'fossil' fuels because those fuels don't match up with the Obama agenda. Although all Presidents have used Executive Orders previously, this particular president has abused that power in order to rack up his 'successes'.

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NLRB Lawsuit

Although the Obama Admin has been targeting Arizona pretty heavily, they have now added another insult to injury with that targeting by having the NLRB for the first time in history go after a State (actually two States now because they included South Dakota) because it had the nerve to pass a bill that protects secret ballots for union organizing, which basically undermines the Obama agenda (sucking up to the Unions again) for Card Check that would require all voting to be done 'out in the open' instead of secretly as it has been since the unions began here. Open voting would let the Unions know how each potential member voted...and you can bet that those that vote against a Union would be targeted. This is now similar to Obama's new agenda of forcing all Government contractors who bid on jobs to also list all donations by dollar amount and name made to political persons/parties....guess which contractors would get the bid if they donated to Obama's party?
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(NT) Are you in favour of Unions?
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Not in this day and age

They had a place during the child labor and sweat shop era, but they are totally useless and actually harmful to our economy. I became an anti-union person in the early 70's when, as I worked in offices doing payroll and filing data regarding unions and mailing out the checks to cover union dues, healthcare and pensions, and saw how much they were actually taking from the company with the employees getting little for their money. Most of those joining the unions in various shops I worked for were the illiterate and the illegals who were convinced by the union thugs that they were worth alot more in wages than the 'capitalist pig' they worked for thought and that the union could get them more money and better benefits, even though the illiterate were already enrolled in the company healthcare pkg and the company pension plan voluntarily set up by the company itself. I actually witnessed one company owner negotiate with the union bosses behind closed doors and got them to leave his company....but the agreement HAD to include, per the UNION bosses, not the company owner, the deal that the company owner would continue to take the dues, the healthcare contribution, and the pension contribution that the current employees were having deducted from their paychecks every week.month for two years until the union contract actually ran out/expired and the union wouldn't come back to negotiate a new contract from his company. The reason for the deal that included all those deductions continuing???? So that the EMPLOYEES would never know that the union had deserted them....the money taken from the employees was put back into the company as a 'misc' asset. The only risk the owner took was that nobody on the job or any of their covered families would need medical attention or die during that two year period of time. The benefit to the union? A POLITICAL contribution by the company owner during election time, since it was coming up soon, to WHOMEVER the union wanted in. Once the contract was up, the company owner never put into place another healthcare pkg or pension fund (it used to be fully paid for by the company) because he no longer trusted his employees because they had voted for the union even tho most of them had worked there for fifteen years or more, so obviously they liked their job well enough to stay put all those years. They were paid a good wage and great benefits, and the unions convinced them all that they were better protected by the union than by the owner and it was total crap.

I firmly believe that it is YOUR choice to work wherever you is NOT your decision or a UNION's decision that a company owner should be blackmailed into giving you alot more than what you are getting. That owner is the one who risked everything to START the business in the first place, invested money, time, and sweat into making it into a success and NOBODY should have the right to take from that owner what is HIS. If you don't like your working environment, you ONLY have the right to LEAVE. You don't go out and hire a thug to muscle the owner into giving you what THE UNION thinks you should have or they will close down his company. That's EXTORTION no matter how many ways you think you can sugar coat the actions.

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I know what you mean

I know a trucking company that was forced to accept the union. He could make payroll when he joined but the first increase put him and his 30 employees out of business.


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RE: forcing all Government contractors who bid on jobs
forcing all Government contractors who bid on jobs to also list all
donations by dollar amount and name made to political persons/parties

Wouldn't a political party already have that information?

IF someone had a connection to a winning bid and didn't disclose....Wouldn't that draw attention? (not good for Obama?)

Wouldn't requiring them to put that info in a bid make it even more obvious when/if a contract was "bought"?

I would think they would want to keep a low profile.
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"Although all Presidents have used Executive Orders previously, this particular president has abused that power in order to rack up his 'successes'."

Would you prefer Bush's method of using signing statements at the end of each piece of legislation where he effectively said the law didn't apply to the president ?

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Have you considered becoming a fiction writer....

You sure tell some whoppers. You and everyone else in the world knows Obama had nothing to do with averting any apocalypse and he's flat out trashed the economy for generations to come. You can't substantiate anything you claim.

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The smiley....

.....should indicate that "Obama stopped the apocalypse" was facetious. The point is valid though. If Obama literally walked on water, the Limbaugh types would decry him as being "too elitist to get wet like everyone else" and Fox News would likely post a bulletin saying "OBAMA CAN'T SWIM!"


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The ironic part of your statement

is that BO actually gets advice from somebody (George Soros) who actually said he, Soros, IS a god. When you hang around people like that you can easily become convinced that you are the 'son'....

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Yes, of course, LOL

Remember when Obama said that God wanted him to run for President?

Oh wait, that was W......


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That may well have been true

because many people believe that God has steered them in a certain direction; however, it is a far cry from believing advice from a MAN who has actually stated he IS a god. I think the main difference between Bush and BO is that Bush believes in God and the good he (not He) could do for this country while BO believes only that PEOPLE around him should influence him....and he has the scariest people on earth around him. What's that old saying? "You are judged by the people you associate with"....

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"many people believe that God has steered them in a certain

direction". Please examine that statement profoundly. You will forgive me, but a lot of those people are on very heavy medication, and some of them are in secured medical facilities. Some of them have committed terrible crimes, believing that they are doing the Lord's work. Certainly President Bush has a trail of bodies in his wake for which I hope he is tormented for all eternity, including those who died in New Orleans, but I don't think he's guilty of insanity, I think that he's guilty of what many Fundamentalists may be guilty, self-deception. In the process of prayer and desperate desire for divine guidance, they feel an impulse, a thought, an idea which they persuade themselves is divine guidance. It is one of the reasons that Mainline Churches mistrust this impulse.


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just an aside re: New Orleans

I can't and won't hold Bush personally responsible for the deaths on the Gulf Coast during the storms. I can hold him responsible for the horribly slow and ineffectual response to the devastation afterwards.

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New Orleans levee design...

There were levee failures and flooding during Hurricane Betsy in 1965. This resulted in the formation of The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Hurricane Protection Program, which redesigned and improved the levees. In 1998 Hurricane Georges came along, and although the levees held, it was very close. So in 1999 they started to further improve the the levees and flood walls. That final design was thought to be enough, but it wasn't enough. So actually, it was a fairly recent design that failed.

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Actually, some believe the levees are their

own reason for failure.

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True enough, going back to pioneer days.

Paradise absorbs rains, a parking lot does not.

"In assigning blame, first look in one's mirror."

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Good Grief

Evidently you don't believe that people who enter missionaries, open homeless shelters, started AA to help others get rid of addictions, work in food banks, volunteer healthcare, etc. are doing good work because some of them credit God with steering them in a direction of goodwill??? Not everyone who believes in God's steering voices that belief; perhaps because people like you think that only deranged criminals 'get a calling' to do God's work.

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You know Rob

If you wish, you can continue disagree with everyone in the US politically right of communism.

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a lot of those people are on very heavy medication,
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Actually there may be another term for it ...

At least some of that screed smacks of what the Freudians might call 'Projection'.

In any event, Dr. Hayakawa (another Canadian, as chance would have it) pointed out that when people engage in emotional language that is only loosely connected to actual facts it is best not to argue with them. Rational argument has little effect against people who are using affective language. In fact, rational argument often just stirs things up even more.

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That's quite an interesting assessment of Obama's religious "cred." Baseless, but interesting.

As noted above, plenty of less than honorable people believe they're doing God's work. We just took one of them out a few weeks ago, in Pakistan.

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Osama was doing Allah's work

Allah is not God.

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actually, by all strict definitions...

... Allah is God. Closer perhaps to the God recognized by the Jews than to the God you recognize, which is composed of 3 distinct embodiments, including a physical and ghostly form.

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I voted for Bush, both times

and for McCain.

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Maybe not his only weakness ...

Let's be real: Bush was human, and fraught with human weakness, just as Mr. Obama is human.

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Hmm, his largest weakness?

And unfortunately he probably shared with most of us the tendency to hear what supported the way he wanted things to be.

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(NT) Link? or was it said in jest or irony? Rob
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RE: and he's dead serious

You said

(George Soros) who actually said he, Soros, IS a god.

and he's dead serious AND he also said his views/opinion of himself was "exaggerated". When a person exaggerates they realize it's not true.

from your link

I have always harboured an
exaggerated view of my self-importance,' he wrote. 'To put it bluntly, I
fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes,
or, even better, like Einstein.

And when people "fancy" things they are daydreaming.

Notice he didn't say which kind of god....

Is there a difference between God and god?

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