the Senate passed a part of the jobs bill just before BO left for this trip and it deals with the tax credits regarding hiring vets....however,

After the stunt BO just pulled about not signing the Keystone Pipeline bill that would have put thousands to work immediately and actually deals with the infrastructure part that IS shovel ready, I can readily understand the hesitancy of the Republicans to trust this president at all. There has already been a three year environmental impact study done on this pipeline and it has passed every test given....the only thing that held it up was the state of Nebraska complaining about it going thru some waterways (or under it). Those waterways already have hundreds of miles of oil pipes going thru there with no incidents whatsoever. Nebraska has an unemployment number at a little over 4%, which is way lower than the national average, and claims to not need the labor, so this decision was politically motivated by one state at the expense of all of the others desperately needing those jobs.