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Reporting: NYC..Morning After Pill...Schools
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this pill will stop them from premarital sex?!!!

Amazing, pass them around!!!

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Don't be naive

It's about preparing these young people for situations where they might find it difficult to fight natural urges, despite what they've learned from mom & dad/church/etc. The poor kids have it worse because quite often, with so many single parent households, often leading to unsupervised adolescent time, means the probability of getting pregnant is much higher.

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"difficult to fight natural urges, "

What other "natural urges" would you give them a pass on? Getting drunk? Maybe we could supply them with free coffee in the mornings for their hangover. Slapping someone's face in for dissing them? Give them hand cleaner and towels? The urge to steal? Give them money to go back and pay for it? Where did you get the silly idea we shouldn't insist on them controlling their urges, ALL of them?

That's even sillier than Liberals going on about "consenting adults" as if they have some right to not control their "natural urges" either. There is a solution if they refuse to control those urges.
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You are comparing human (hormonal, mind you) natural urges to reproduce when puberty hits to alcohol addiction? Living in a cave much? I suggest you periodically leave that isolated space and enter the real world, amigo. It can be quite enlightening.

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(NT) Your link recommends castration BEFORE sexual development
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you got a problem with that? Devil

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It might help with population pressure

and it would be applied to others not me or you.
At our ages, it might be a waste of resources anyway. Devil

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I have a better approach

Make it so parents have to "opt" their kids into the program. Parental permission to be a part of the program, instead of assuming higher authority than the parents and requiring them to "opt" out. Are they upset these girls are getting abortions?! I though they liked abortions!! There's an easy way to end them getting abortions.

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Your approach won't work

As posted above, a lot of these girls have parents who neither know nor care what their daughters are doing. They're not going to take the responsibility to opt in.

Nobody likes abortions, James.

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For parents who won't take responsibility for their children

we have children's services organizations who can remove them from their homes. It's not what anyone likes to have happen but I have a problem with government stepping in without following some legal process. Even those who have subsidized school meals do so by an application process. Proper meals are more about good health than are birth control services. If government thinks children should be provided with birth control services they should get the approval of those who have custody of them. If government thinks children are not getting proper care, there are legal avenues that can be taken to relieve the parents of their responsibility for them. Once a child is in government custody, it is responsible for their care and such decisions can be made. I don't want that to be routine but passing out medicines of their own choosing they need to take full ownership of the child's health.

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Great, so we remove them. Then what?

Unfortunately there is no law against not giving a crap unless you're being neglectful from a legal standpoint. And Child Protective Services, and all that goes with it, is not exactly something you'd wish on a child in New York.

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No...I'm not advocating it at all

but I definitely want the default to be no medications without proper authority from who has custody when a minor is concerned. I can't see any good coming from trying to fix a self discipline problem with pills. Simple isn't always best. It does not good to combat the negligence of lazy parents by providing them with lazy solutions.

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Another problem

is those same kids may lie about when they had sex. It might have been the week or two before and they are already pregnant. What will that pill do to them or the baby then? If it causes a miscarriage, who is going to be there when it happens? The school? Or will it happen at home with a parent, who then finds out they'd been given the pill? Something will go wrong, someone will sue the hell out of them, and who can say what the end of that will be?

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I've had legal issues like that in the back of my mind

There would be no end of lawyers ready to pounce. I know of no medication that is without side effects or admonitions regarding improper use. If there's a way to abuse this practice, it will happen.

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seriously? Free birth control = free sex changes?

Do you use Mad Libs to come up with these posts?


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Any chance we get get some

serious responses to this issue? You have to be 18 to buy Sudafed and the school isn't legally allowed to give an epi shot to someone with an allergy without 25K papers being signed by the parents nor or they allowed to dispense an aspirin for a headache, but they can toss out an abortion pill without batting an eyelash. Why should the parents have to OPT OUT rather than OPT IN?

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re: Any chance we get get some serious responses

well, how about we leave this up to the community it is happening in, rather than sitting hundreds of miles away and being armchair quarterbacks?

... and as for a "serious response" ?

You are the one who made a comparison of "Free birth control = free sex changes".

Here is a serious response to that comparison..... THHHPPBBBBBPPPTTTTT* !

*(that is the raspberry sound that Archie Bunker used to make)

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why don't we leave them

to their own business? When have the Yankees EVER left others to their own business? No, they've constantly interfered for decades if not centuries. That's a real hoot of a laugh that we should then ignore their own crimes now against humanity. That's what they are doing, crimes against humanity. We executed people in past for such crimes, yet now many in our own country do the same and we try and justify it. What should then be their punishment? If not now, then later????

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leaving things up to a liberal community to deal with what is happening in it means it runs rampant across our country and eventually every community has the same solution. This isn't anything that got VOTED on BY THAT COMMUNITY. It was put into place by GOVERNMENT because THEY KNOW BEST.....and once government gets into your lives, they never leave and just keep cramming more of itself into your lives until YOU don't exist anymore. Your free will is gone and 'they' have replaced it with 'theirs'.

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I hear nothing but a double standard

You don't want government involvement in peoples daily lives when it is a so called "liberal" policy... but you want government to step in and stop these liberal ideas as part of a "conservative" policy.

You either believe in local rights versus federal rights or you don't. You can't have it both ways. Complain about it if and when the idea becomes a proposal in your own back yard. Until then... leave these people alone, Toni.

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Once a liberal 'rule' or 'law'

gets put into place by a liberal government, the only way to get rid of it is with another 'conservative' rule or law.........we HAD a very well accepted liberal law by Clinton of 'work for welfare' until THIS liberal prez created a personal directive to override it unconstitutionally. Now it will have to be challenged in the court system by conservatives in order to dump his idiotic agenda once again. This particular prez finds more ways to waste the tax payer money by fighting court battles that never had to be fought in the first place than any other prez I can remember. It was one thing to fight using tax payer money over stupid stuff like Nixon's and Clinton's garbage but it's clearly another to deliberately have a prez pick fights with the States, the Governors, the Cities, and the people when it isn't necessary except for his political agenda and re-election ambitions.

As for 'my own back yard'........I've said it before......once a liberal piece of crap rule or law takes hold in one area, it spreads like wildfire across the country. But you can bet that should the Plan B pill be introduced locally here, it will be shot down by the 'bible thumpers'....it will only take hold if it comes directly out of our Capitol as a government law.

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So you oppose any local law....

.....that might potentially be adopted by local jurisdictions, and if it's a law you personally object to, the federal government should step in and override local authority.

If it's a law you're good with, the federal government has no business interfering.


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For me Josh

...that depends on whether it's using any Federal funding or not, and now the funding is shared to the state. If the state is fully funding it, then they should have all the say about it.

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I would be just as opposed to this new law

if a Republican/Conservative had proposed it as I am with the liberals, Josh. The point is that there was never a public vote over this issue.....it was automatically implemented by politicians without, I believe, the authority to do it, and if it's 'adopted' as the 'new normal', it will spread across the country, and it will take a different party in office to be rid of it.

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so if a local government sees a problem...

... then it should put any solution up for a vote before they can do something about it?

Government is an institutional solution that is put into place to avoid the gridlock that would happen if every single public issue required every single individual to vote for or against every proposed solution.

More over... just think about how many conservative political solutions (never mind liberal) would be overturned if a vote was put up to pass a law or a program? I bet you would find out that more than a few of the sacred cows you think everyone supports would turn out to be thrown out by a general thumbs up or down vote.

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I think that ANY law/rule that

government wants to impose on the people when it comes to medical or health decisions, especially when it involves children, should ALWAYS be put to a public vote before implementing it. I don't care if it's the menu in the school being mandated as an 'all for one' diet/calorie controlled meal, medications handed out willy-nilly or not at all because the school as determined it's better to err on the side of caution (such as for a non-aspirin headache reliever), etc. I don't believe the schools have that responsibility unless permission is given in writing by the parents. I don't know if you recall, but during the late 50's/early 60's all school nurses were pulled from the payroll because too many ill effects were occurring from them calling the shots on kids' health issues.....and schools have had to have parental permission ever since then to even administer an aspirin (side effects from that also has caused problems with kids). Why would you think they aren't crossing the line with the Plan B pill now? Or handing out condoms when OUT of school those same kids would have to be 18 to get it on their own....unless they went to some Planned Parenthood free clinic, and even THAT I disapprove of. As long as I am the sole provider for my minor child, the responsibility for making decisions regarding their health rests squarely at my doorstep and not the school or the government........unless child endangerment or neglect is suspected.

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RE: serious responses to this issue?
but they can toss out an abortion pill

In order to have a serious discussion....let's call it what it is...Get the facts straight.

The Abortion Pill vs. The Morning-After Pill... Are they the same thing?

these two medications serve two different purposes and work completely different from one another.

RU486 results in a termination of a pregnancy and is only used after pregnancy is established (and no more than 49 days since a woman's last menstrual period). On the other hand, Plan B is used to prevent pregnancy when taken within 5 days after unprotected intercourse. It will not harm an existing pregnancy and does not cause an abortion.

The Abortion Pill, currently marketed as Mifeprex in the United States and RU-486 in Europe, is used to abort a baby within the first seven weeks of pregnancy. The Morning-After Pill, currently marketed as Plan B, is meant to provide security a woman who is fearful of a pregnancy due to unprotected sexual intercourse. Although Plan B could serve as a contraceptive, it could also serve as an abortifacient. Therefore, CLR takes the position that there is clearly a difference between these two drugs,

Difference between the 2 drugs....serve 2 different purposes.

Not the same thing.
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that's not the argument

You're getting off track. The argument is whether a school system should be doing this and the second part is whether the system should assume a greater authority over the children's lives than their parents do? I say "NO!" to both. I wonder how long it will be when the program is running before some parent is outraged enough when learning his or her daughter was given such a pill without the parent's knowledge, some complication results, and the parent ends up shooting the one who gave them the pill? What a topsy turvy world the Liberals are creating.

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What a topsy turvy world the Liberals are creating.


The response to topsy turvy is?

shooting the one who gave them the pill?

Got a problem?


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IF Plan B

could 'also serve as an abortifacient' is IS ONE...........they may SERVE two different purposes, but the END RESULT IS THE SAME.

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