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Reporting: NYC..Morning After Pill...Schools
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This is what you get when you elect a leader that

considers a pop star queen as a role model for his daughters.

Take your pick

Now get out there and buy your young girls outfits like these and teach them to moan and writhe.

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You're blaming a city-based program on the president?
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Do you have daughters?

Does the comment he made sit just fine with you? Doesn't Romney give plenty to charity and you still have not one good thing to say about him? I'm not expecting answers. Your undying loyalty to Obama is quite clear as is your disdain for Romney.

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I have a daughter

What comment that who made?

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I've posted the link twice but no one has commented

At an Obama 40k a plate fundraiser hosted by Jay Z (I don't know who he is) and his wife, Beyonce, Barack is quoted as having referred to the lady hostess as a role model for his daughters. Mrs. Obama also made a similar remark. Frankly, I suspect the remarks were gratuitous and to show appreciation for their support...at least I hope they were. I'd be more concerned if his daughters showed up in youtube videos emulating her dress and style while the president cheered them on. I really think the two of them are better parents than that and some serious discussions would happen.

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(NT) But a role model in what way(s)?
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I look at a role model as being a whole person

and not just one having some redeeming qualities. A role model is someone to pattern their life after. If Larry Flint funded a charity to pay medical expenses for battered women, do you think anyone would consider him to be a role model?

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I'm not a fan of her music

I've seen her in a couple of movies, notably one called "Cadillac Records," in which she played Etta James. She was really good in the role.

I never found anything offensive about her act, even if I didn't personally care for the music much. And she's really easy on the eyes too. Wink

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wow Steven, maybe you should take some time...

... to find out about Beyonce before you go raging on her.

Her best selling single advocates marriage.

"Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

When did you become anti-marriage, Steven?

Yes, the woman is a role model for her community. Maybe you don't share the same communities, but don't rage just because she doesn't measure up to your idea of how she should conduct herself.

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RE:Your undying loyalty to Obama is quite clear as is your d
Your undying loyalty to Obama is quite clear as is your disdain for Romney.

Do you have disdain for Obama?
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(NT) No....and you about Romney? disdain?
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Me and Romney disdain...Yes...I'll admit it.

Have you said anything good about Obama?

State what you've previously said that was good about Obama.

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Plenty...look it up

More than a few times in the past have I expressed agreement. I've also clearly expressed my reasons for not wanting him or anyone with his background to hold our highest office. You've said you have little better to do than browse through posts here so time to get busy. Time is running out for both of us and I'd rather not look through the archives here.

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So you have disdain for Obama.

So what's your problem with others having disdain for Romney?

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(NT) Read again...I said "No" to disdain for Obama
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RE: Read again...I said "No" to disdain for Obama

YOU sai

If one is already president, they should be acting like they realize this.

I take it YOU are saying if he doesn't realize this at least he should be "acting" like he realizes it.

And you don't consider that statement disdain?

You mention disdain, Obama...and I think of a certain regular female poster in SE. For some strange reason, I can't recall you ever responding to her posts. 2 people in total agreement?

If you want to appear to be a referee ...you have to appear to both sides as having no opinion on the outcome....good luck with that, I think it's already to late.

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Never did I mention anyone by name

And I do my best not to discuss other members here. I also try to avoid contentiousness and, when I can, will temper and not feed it. It does seem to me that you're a little short on offering your own ideas and very long on picking on other members and criticizing what they write. You are free to do that but please be willing to pardon when you asked to actually state an opinion rather than find fault with someone for theirs.

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Wait...here's a recent one
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Here's a REALLYrecent one
I've also clearly expressed my reasons for not wanting him or anyone with his background to hold our highest office

Sure smells like disdain.
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You need to see your ENT...your nose isn't working

Disdain means contempt. I've no disdain for any person. We need to separate people from ideas and we discuss the ideas and not the people...at least, IMO. We should worry less about people's weaknesses and focus on their strengths. We use them for what they can do and not try to fit them where they can't work. I don't think Obama is a good fit as president. This doesn't mean he doesn't have any good qualities. He does have good qualities but one of them is not in uniting people with dissimilar ideas. He's apparently good at uniting people who are of homogenous thinking but are not organized. He's not good at homogenizing people who are of differing thought. In short, he's a divider and not a uniter. This is because he stands too far to one side. We need someone who's in the middle ground. To be honest, I can't say Romney is that person because I've never experienced his leadership style. I have experienced Obama's and I'm ready to try someone else. I also think we over estimate the affect a president has on our country's success or failure. We use them to blame or credit for that which they are of little responsibility. If we need to blame anyone but ourselves, we should look at the parties and not the persons they put on the ballot. Neither candidate is evil incarnate as some folks here seem to think.

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Plenty good we've said about Obama

We've pointed out he does well when giving a speech, so long as the teleprompters don't fail.

He knows how to keep secrets really well, when they are about him instead of the military.

He gives a good toast on occasion, so long as it's not during "God Save The Queen".

I'm sure there must be more.

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Since you like to stae you're even handed, fair

How come you haven't made many, IF not ANY posts, to the people that feel the need to bash Obama, asking THEM about THEIR disdain fro Obama?

Holier than thou comes to mind.

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sorry JP you're wrong on this one

Steve may dislike Obama's entire philosophy or just parts; he may even dislike Obama as Obama appears to be, but he's not someone picking on complaints. He says what he likes and dislikes with as little rancor and attempts to incite an uproar as anyone here.

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No, we blame it on you

and other NY'ers who put these people into office. This chicken is sitting on your roosting area.

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I guess you didn't read the entire article
Parents can choose to fill out an opt-out form that will exclude their children from the program.
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A quote BY Toni, from another thread, just minutes ago....
or didn't you read your own link this time like you accused me of doing a few times already?
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None, of course

That last line was just silly.

The program is voluntary and parents can opt their kids out. It's being implemented in schools with very high teen pregnancy rates, to try to reduce the number of abortions and dropouts.

From the article:

Parents can choose to fill out an opt-out form that will exclude their children from the program. Otherwise, students can get birth control from the school nurse confidentially. Prescriptions to oral and injectable birth control are written by city health department doctors. So far, only one to two percent of parents have chosen to opt their kids out of the program.

The New York Post notes that the program, called CATCH—Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health—is part of a citywide attempt to stem the tide of teen pregnancy, which leads girls—mostly poor—to drop out of school.

According to the Associated Press, about 7,000 girls get pregnant by the time they reach the age of 17. It says more than half choose to get an abortion.

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Some would rather have them have the babies

then they can complain for 18 years that they are a bunch of lazy moochers and about how much it is costing the taxpayer.

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My thoughts exactly

Also, for Toni and others south of the Mason Dixon line, you can use the high teen pregnancy rates in the state of MS as a valid example of why it's more effective to use education/social programs instead of the church trying to 'wish' a problem away. NYC rates are lower because there's more access to proper education instead of bible bashing to solve a problem.

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I grew up on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio

and moved south of the M/D line in my 40's. As for the NYC rates being lower, it IS because of education reforms and NOT because they are handing out abortion pills. As far as I'm concerned, if you already have a program in place that's working, why ENCOURAGE sexual activity with an 'easy fix'....and why do it NOW....and why have a program that requires parents to OPT OUT instead of OPT IN?

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