Nvidia driver won't update

Hello guys this is my first post here so I hope you could help me.
I have an ASUS x75 vc with Nvidia Gt 720m graphic card and since a while im not able to update my graphic's card driver, every time I try to update it with any other version it brings me the "drivers not compatible with this version of windows" error, it's now stuck at version 388.57 and the current version is 425.31, I tried updating through the device manager it didn't work out, I also tried using DDU method it always brings me back the 388.57 version.
I hope you could help me with issue.

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Reporting: Nvidia driver won't update
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Sounds about right.

At some point the driver will cease to update. My son's last gaming laptop finally did that and he wanted a newer game that needed the next DX12. So the fix was a new laptop with a newer GPU.

The GeForce Experience works for me here to get the latest driver your chipset allows.

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But why?

Thank your for your response I appreciate that.
I understand that but why would they release an update that wont be even able to install.

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Because folk are all over the map

As to OS, chipset drivers and chips. I can't tell what is the holdup on your PC. You left out some key details.

On top of that some folk install security suites that break this.

What is it this time? A real GPU limitation or one of the other things?

Example: kicks a similar discussion around. Just like there, you have to share and sometimes you are FORCED to get to the latest BIOS, Windows 10 64 Bit and forgo security suites till the deed is done.

I run into this too often with an owner that hung back on 7, is scared of BIOS updates and won't uninstall the security suite or do all the usual you read at such discussions.

All that said, I can't guess what it is with your PC this time but it's a well done area.

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You left out a key detail.

I did run into one lone W7 holdout and they passed up the free W10 upgrade so for them it was 100 bucks more to get to W10 and then the driver updated. Are you current on Windows?

Please folk, if you stick with the older Windows you do get left behind.

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My operating system

Yes I am currently on windows 10 build 18362

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I know it's hard.

That leaves out all the other areas I noted. 64 bit, latest bios, latest chipset package, if the OS is cracked, or activated oddly to any other item listed by me or at the same discussions you see on the web.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna says "It's always something."

If it was just one thing, I would tell you.

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In other words.

You read that example prior discussion and do the work to get the BIOS and chipset driver up to date, be sure nothing else is interferring or the HDD is full. Again, all the things you read about then read my example link again about the rename to .zip and try that.

PS. What you find with MAY NOT WORK. That method will find their latest but as BIOS, chipset driver, OS conditions and more are at play, it does NOT mean you can install their latest.

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So it's the BIOS?

Thank you all for all of your comments you've all been such a great help.
So as u said i checked my bios and I noticed that its outdated so i went forward to update it but since my laptop's battery is dead the BIOS update tool won't let me know as it requires a battery with minimum 20% charge so I guess I'm stuck with it until I get a new battery.
PS: I was able to update the graphic card to the version 391.35 still outdated though.

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That is on the list of reasons folk can't update.

But sorry, no I can't tell you it's that.

Dead laptop batteries have lead to motherboard deaths. It's a thing you see in the service shops. I don't work those any more as I sold mine over a decade ago. But it's a thing.

What usually happens is the battery fails then it pulls a lot of power causing the motherboard charging circuit to fail and you're into both a battery and a board. This can really upset folk that didn't know.

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So what's next?

I see, so how could I verify if my motherboard isn't dead..I hope not though.

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In this case

You put in the new battery and test. My comments about laptops and bad batteries is because so many laptops were prematurely dead because the owner left a failed battery in the laptop.

I didn't write yours was dead since I can't tell until the new battery goes in.

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