Hi, Mary Lou

I must say that I have never before seen a Windows error message with an emoticon embedded in it.

What this message is telling you is that the registry has a reference to this file, but it cannot find it. Before doing a system repair, I would first consider a couple of simpler alternatives.

Try running the System File Checker. Go to the Command Prompt and enter sfc /scannow. This should replace any altered system files with the original version. This, I think, is the answer to your question #2.

Another thing you could try is a system restore to the last point before this message first appeared.

If these fail, then you might try a system repair. You have a new Dell laptop, and they furnished you with a Windows XP disk? That is unusual; they usually just furnish system restore files in a hidden partition on the hard drive.

The XP disk does have System Repair on it; you just have to know how to get to it. You must set the Bios to boot from the CD, and use the XP disk for booting the system. Procedures for using the Recovery Console (system repair) are provided at these sites:



The latter site has information on various repair techniques. The section Windows Installation CD - Repair Current Installation is found near the bottom of the page. This, I believe, is the answer to your question #1.

The indication you got that the LCD invertor is defective indicates a possible hardware problem, and is totally unrelated to the above. You should contact Dell on this immediately, as the system is still under warranty. BTW, what diagnostic program did you run?

Note: You should not have the (NT) at the beginning of the title of the post. This means No Text ? i.e., the title is the entire message. Seeing this, many will not bother reading the post as they expect nothing in it.

Hope this helps, and keep us informed