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----- Anyway, on to your real issue -----

Your computer could have a possibility of 4 drives. There may be two data cables to connect them all, two drives per cable. There is a primary cable, with two possible drives (drive 0 and drive 1), and there is a secondary cable, also with two possible drives (drive 0 and drive 1).

The main drive, the boot up drive, is typically in the position of being on the Primary cable (since it is the primary cable, right) and that boot up drive is typically the first drive (drive 0) on that cable.
(By the way, I say ''typically'' because there are new bootup routines that may allow other than the Primary drive 0 to be the bootup drive, but that isn't your case, for now.)

Now, notice your bootup messages:

''primary hard disk drive 1 not found.
secondary hard disk drive 0 not found
secondary hard disk drive 1 not found''

Notice that Primary drive 0 is not there. Seems that only your Primary drive 0 is the only one being seen.
So... check your cabling to your other devices. Be sure that the power cable is also properly connected. The power cable will usually have 4 wires on it (black, red, yellow, and black).

By the way, this problem has NOTHING to do with whatever you might have touched in the registry. The reason is the registry is only used during the time that your PC is finally starting up Windows. That starting of Windows is not for many seconds after the PC has gotten past the point where you are, long past these startup messages.