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Now that the US Space Command is established

DJT should be the first Commander in Chief and the Oval Office could be in an Oval Orbit....some of HIS claims are already WWAAAYYY OUT THERE.

Launch in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1


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Reporting: Now that the US Space Command is established
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Ground Control to Major Tom
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(NT) Didn't you put us on to the Astronaut's rendition?
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Maybe you prefer?
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(NT) It certainly is a lovely planet we were given.
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We scientist types are wont to say elliptical orbits.

You blithering idiot.

Almost forgot. Grin

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This looks like a good time for Space Corps Directive #1742

That's an old patch but wow, the character sure looks familiar.
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From the vocabulary, I'm guessing British.

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CIC of Space Force Theme
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And HER comments aren't???
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He will, soon.

But you won't like it.

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ho hum....

you're so predictable that it's gotten boring...….

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I hope to see it in my lifetime, but it is just that - a hope. Though as some writers have opined, hope is humanity's "saving grace".

I'm also reminded of two things associated with the word soon : (A) In the Narnia books, Aslan is asked what he means by the word, and he replies "All times are soon to me" which is kind of metaphysical and certainly a "deep" thought, at least to me. (B) The writer Jerry Pournelle
used to have a website (maybe he still does, I dunno) and he coined the phrase "Real Soon Now" when describing some things that were said to happen, such as software releases that were endlessly postponed or delayed and mainly turned out to be "vaporware". :^) I always thought he was/is a great author - witty and very capable in his various endeavours.


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RE:the same millennial's that eat TIDE SOAP PODS.
Why teenagers eat TIDE SOAP PODS

It’s been on the news recently: teens are eating Tide detergent pods — despite the fact that eating them can be lethal. They film themselves doing it; it’s the “Tide Pod Challenge.”

It’s not like they don’t know it can be dangerous. Besides the fact that it’s common knowledge that detergent isn’t food, there has been a lot of media coverage about the dangers of toddlers getting into them, about how Tide pods are not just poisonous but possibly lethal.

The media coverage, actually, is part of the problem. But the real problem is the adolescent brain.

Adolescence is a crucial moment in life, the transition between childhood and adulthood. The brains of adolescents reflect that transition. They have the ability to take in a lot of information, to learn quickly, that children have — and their brains are beginning to build the connections that adults have, the connections that make different parts of the brain work together more quickly and effectively. The last part of the brain to build those connections is the frontal lobe. This is important, because the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls insight and judgment, the part that controls risk-taking behaviors.

Some "adults" (with a supposedly fully developed frontal lobe) post pictures of themselves supporting DJT,

The "Vote for TRUMP" challenge?

I wouldn't knock those millennials too hard TONI...THEY just might tip the scales for TheRUMP in the next election...after all, their brains aren't "fully developed"

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